Serving Pak officers working with jihadis, Headley confirms to FBI


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Oct 10, 2009
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Serving Pak officers working with jihadis, Headley confirms to FBI
Training Indians As Part Of ‘Karachi Project’
Sachin Parashar | TNN

New Delhi: The FBI interrogation of David Coleman Headley alias Daood Gilani has, for the first time, confirmed what India has always known: A “section of serving Pakistan army officers” are working in collaboration with India-specific jihadi groups like LeT and JeM.
Sources said this was revealed by Headley to his FBI interrogators in what is the first confirmation by an independent probe agency of the involvement of Pakistani army officers in planning and executing terrorist operations against India.
This, sources said, had been conveyed to the Indian side by the FBI team which visited India to share information on Headley’s questioning. While Pakistan has explained away the instances of the involvement of army officials calling them “aberrations”, this has exposed the jihadi infiltration of the Pakistani army and their collaboration with terrorist outfits in anti-India operations.
Sources said the officials identified by Headley were working with Lashkar on ‘Karachi project’ as part of a larger campaign against India. This project involves using jihadi fugitives from India sheltered in Pakistan to draw in vulnerable Indian Muslim youth.
Headley has
revealed to FBI
that the following
are high on the
jihadi hit list Gujarat CM Narendra Modi Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray Shiv Sena Bhawan in Dadar, Mumbai RSS headquarters at Nagpur BARC, Trombay Jalvayu Vihar in Powai, Mumbai Residential colonies at Kalina, Mumbai National Defence College, Delhi
Headley may have been part of a control unit that guided 26/11 killers through the carnage; he frequently prompted Lakhvi on instructions Gave specific inputs to terrorists on entry, exit at Taj Hotel, Oberoi, Trident; guided them through bylanes to reach Nariman House Indian sleuths suspect that one voice unidentified in terror intercepts could be Headley’s, seek his voice sample from FBI
EXPORTING TERROR IM launch was to erase Pak fingerprints
New Delhi: The FBI interrogation of David Coleman Headley has revealed a Lashkar training project involving jihadi fugitives from India. The youth, after they are trained by Pakistani army officials, are sent back to India as part of the gameplan to conceal the Pakistani involvement and pass off the terror in India as a home-grown phenomenon.
During their discussions with FBI, the Indian side told them about their strong suspicion that Headley was present in the Karachi control room from which the Lashkar leadership choreographed the 26/11 terror attacks. The FBI team said this was not borne out by the evidence in their possession but the Indian side has asked the US agency to
check a few facts which they have promised to do. The details of the Karachi project, revealed by FBI, corroborates India’s own findings. Agencies here have established that a number of absconding terrorists — Aamir Raza Khan, Mufti Sufi Patangiya and Rasool Parti and the remnants of Shahid Bilal gang from Hyderabad — have been luring Muslim youth to be trained as jihadis before being sent to India.
The launch of Indian Mujahideen, which tormented India with a wave of bombings, was part of the plan to erase Pakistan’s fingerprints and pass off the attacks as resulting from the disaffection of a section of its own population. Even 26/11 attackers, armed with fake IDs of a Bangalore engineering college, had planned to mask their nationality. One of them had called up a TV channel introducing the gang as Deccan Mujahideen.

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Jul 23, 2009
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nothing new in this part. we only speaks without taking action, look Israel, Russia, US.!!! change the path of approch to our enemy's, not fly doves to them. they just make them curry only...

change we need..!

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