S Korea arrests N Korean spy recruited in India


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Jun 29, 2009
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S Korea arrests N Korean spy recruited in India

Seoul: South Korean security authorities on Thursday announced the arrest of a college lecturer on charges of spying for North Korea, saying he was recruited by Pyongyang's agents in India.

The man identified only as Lee is accused of passing information on South Korean military operations and facilities to the communist North, state prosecutors and the National Intelligence Service said in a joint statement.

Lee, 37, who was recruited in 1992 while studying at a college in
New Delhi, visited Pyongyang twice to become a communist party member and received a total of USD 50,600 in operational funds, they said.

He allegedly stole classified information using his status as a member of the National Unification Advisory Council, a state organisation promoting unification of the peninsula.

As a member of an unidentified political party, Lee had given lectures at military bases on security, the statement said.

Information he passed to the North between 1997 and February this year included locations of such bases and other key government facilities, it said.

He received a North Korean decoration during a trip to Singapore in 2003 and used some of his operational funds to study for a doctorate in South Korea, the statement said.

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