Russia Ukraine War 2022

Who will win this war?.

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Cheeni KLPDhokebaaz
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Jun 5, 2017
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Rioters are assholes (I care not if they are muslims, hindus, Christians or libtards), again a law enforcement issue, also fringe groups who can be tackled with good state or federal policing. Depending on where. Don't blame an asshole for desecrating a monument, blame the people who're supposed to guard it. An asshole will do what an asshole does, i.e shit all over the place.
"Rioters are assholes".
Just trivializing it to as being assholes is immensely watering down some of the incidents that have happened.
Rioters are harmful to the society and the perpetrators that is often know to start riots is even more dangerous.

IB staffer Ankit Sharma, killed in Delhi riots, was stabbed 51 times: Police chargesheet
Guess the rioters were just being assholes to the IB officer here. Next time if anyone blows up your home I will also say that the one responsible was just being an asshole.
For those breaking a law, there shouldn't be any leniency, they need to be prosecuted and sentenced with harsh punishment. Don't conflate local law enforcement issues with grand sweeping societal issues
Wise Words from a Wise man but you have to see it to believe that law and order is more or less subjective and inconsistent specially if it is politically backed or you are from poor bag round.
Also punishing one rioter does not break the collective psyche of the people behind him.
Do you believe all Kashmiris are against India or is it a fringe minority?
Its not about all or small or 100 or 1 million, its what the sum total consensus of a particular society or group of people is what that matters. I do not believe someone people are just on the good side other on the bad side its not black and white to begin with, its more of a spectrum we are talking about. Kashmir insurgency is driven by religion and ideology more than economy and opportunity anyone that suggests otherwise drinks his own piss in hopes of curing cancer.
So is it the Muslim's fault that you aren't procreating enough? Perhaps the better idea is to have better family planning services, use of contraception, education on having children with in one's financial means etc.
We are Procreating just right do you suggest Hindus too contribute and push the ceiling above 2 billion people. Family planning is haram.
So what if a muslim thinks Sharia needs to be law of the land? Don't you as a Hindu think India should be a land of Hindus based on Dharmic Law? An opinion, feeling and sentiment is much like an asshole everyone has one.
There opinion wouldn't have been eyebrow raiser if we didn't already see what Sharia entails and the reputation of the community.
Also what is Dharmic law? can you link me to a place where you have read about dharmic law?
Are you equating Dharma concept to Islamic Sharia?
Read the Constitution, (Part III.—Fundamental Rights.—Arts. 15-16.)

The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them
The laws are as strong as the people of the nation are.
How is anything you propose, not an open and shut case, it won't pass even pass a state assembly as it infringes on fundamental rights. Let's suppose a State Passes a Law requiring Muslims to curtail procreating like bunnies, will it survive even the State's High Court, let alone the Supreme Court.
For you to dabble into what I propose you would first have to recognize my point and the problem at hand.
What is viable or not comes later.
What we want is a stable internal atmosphere ( as a growing country with a myriad challenges) and that means to get along with those you disagree with. What you suggest is essentially what Ukr did with Ethnic Russian minorities.
Some things cannot be agreed with like what's happening in Varanasi today, it will lead to conflict no matter what.
Don't buy too much into media hype, riots and fringe shits. They are fringe, vast majority of people are just trying to survive.
Vast majority try to survive and once the survival aspect is covered they look for more.
Instead, focus on, creating jobs, good education, encourage entrepreneurship, small businesses, encourage training in various trades, encourage innovation, have a simple tax code for individuals and companies, keep taxes across the board low and reduce / eliminate tax loop holes. Invest in good roads, rail networks, air networks, nuclear energy, wind/solar where applicable, invest in local defense manufacturing, be tough on crime be it local one off or organized etc etc
I disagree with the point that demographics are destiny. Identity politics are the bread and butter of libtards and going down that road is only an open invitation to misery and death by a thousand cuts.
Is it a small thing to you, certainty for you and me but not for everyone else. Things like Religion, race, ideology are very much real and the if you keep uttering "We all are one it does not matter" million times it will not change, they will be part of us till the end of time.
This ain't no time for fucking around, we need to keep the eye on the ball, our enemies look daily for weak spots and the last thing we need is Indians turning on each other be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist etc.
I am not fucking around and that is why I am quoting your post.
Islamic extremism is a tangible threat and improvement in metric does not affect it without social revolution.
Have you always lived in a gated community mate? you talk like you have never walked in the streets of India nor ever stood among the common folks.


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Dec 26, 2016
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Yeh loh another brown sepoy nigga bringing up some BS from 1947 with no bearing on the realities on the ground today.

Go ahead bury your head in the sands mofo. It doesn't take guts to answer you. With your kind of logic, I just need to sit on your face and move my bowels. You'll probably eat it and lick your fingers while at it.

Madarchod, all I said, since you can't seem to read is that, in present day India we don't have time to fuck around with bickering non sense and gobbar logic. You can have Wet dreams all you want about policies that won't happen because no political party, no court in the land would allow this. It's nothing but wet jizz mixed with dogshit. You can be all the tranny cuck you want while watching Muslims breeding like rabbits. If you have an ounce of jizz, go out there and make babies and raise them to be good Hindus but looking at your limp dick logic that's also wishful thinking for you.
Your original brainfart:
"Vast majority Muslims in India are peaceful and patriotic. "
I asked you two questions to examine your idiotic assumption. The fact that you had no guts to answer those says it all

So now you have yet another brainfart:
"So bringing up some BS from 1947 with no bearing on the realities on the ground today."
So question number 3.
How has the mindset of "Indian" muslims changed from 1947?
A. Are they less supportive of muslim fundamentalist leaders like Owaisi etc
B. Are they more apologetic about mass murderers like Babur
C. Is there greater acceptance for reforms in their religion or scrapping religious laws on triple talaq, etc
D. Is there a lessening in the frequency of riots and attacks on non muslims

There is only one region (out of dozens) where there has been a complete genocide of minorities
Coincidentally, this is also the one region where muslims are in majority.
This happened over 40 years AFTER 1947.

Two Minutes To Midnight

Tihar Jail
Apr 30, 2022
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Too high profile for the death penalty but they will make it damn sure that Assange never sees another sunrise for the rest of his life. That's why I keep saying this - "FUCK USA!!"
Assange, if extradited, will face a grand jury in Alexandria Virginia. What do we know about that district?

It is six kilometers from the center of Washington DC. The jury pool is made up of CIA Pentagon etc; in legal community in the United States, it's known as the rocket docket because of the lack of scrutiny procedures they have.

There's a 99.97% chance that if you're a target of a grand jury you'll be indicted and a 99% chance that if you were indicted by a grand jury you will be convicted.

As of now, the English High Court consented to effectively keep Assange locked up indefinitely. He is a remand prisoner – found guilty of no crime – and yet he will continue rotting in solitary confinement for the foreseeable future, barely seeing daylight or other human beings, in Belmarsh high-security prison alongside Britain’s most dangerous criminals.

The goal for US officials has always been about permanently disappearing Assange. They are indifferent about how that is achieved.

If the legal avenue is a success, he will eventually head to the US where he can be locked away for up to 175 years in severe solitary confinement in a super-max jail – that is, till long past his death from natural causes. But there is every chance he will not survive that long.

No doubt The Great Satan has given verbal assurances that Assange won't be given the death penalty, but come on.

There is no need to speculate about the Americans’ bad faith. It is only too apparent in the myriad get-out clauses in the “assurances” they provided. Those assurances can be dropped, for example, if "US officials decide" Assange is not being "cooperative."

Even if not killed, he would most likely be tortured physically and psychologically a la Guantanamo.

Death to America.

Master Chief

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May 5, 2022
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Because India needs less, not more people. You keep parity with China through technological advantage and economic growth, not trying to have more people. As the Ukraine war clearly showed, WW2/cold war tactics of having an obnoxiously large standing army doesn't do much.

By that logic why not kick out Modi? After all he is creating internal turmoil supposedly.

In order to make change, at some point you have to overcome some degree of internal resistance.

I'm not advocating the large scale genocide of India's muslim population. I'm saying you need to limit population growth and assimilate them. That's nowhere near impossible to pull off, you just need a constitution change. BJP is growing in power, not impossible at all.
Having one child is a path towards extinction ( Replacement fertility rate in 2.1 kids per woman ).. So, forcing one child on muslims alone is to force their extinction.. Muslim TFR has declined to 2.36 per woman, not a lot more than replacement level.. and is converging towards Hindu TFR of 1.98... Indian Muslim TFR has halved over the last 30 years.. Educate muslim women and encourage assimilation, and they will naturally have less kids..
Rather than hyper ventilating like Unmarried dudes of RSS.. we should make babies and raise Hindu kids.. I have 2 Hindu kids.. and have done more for Hindus than some childless wankers blabbering day and night about muslim fertility... :bplease:


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May 31, 2020
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Damn. Our greatest ally counter “Chinese Aggression” indeed. Westoids have gone bonkers on us now
whats wrong with US giving us 4 billion investment/loan ?

@JBH22 doubted the combat capabilities of the T-72M1. :) Everything is pulled out of the stock.
This is for those who do not believe in the magnitude of the Russian losses.
doesnt look good for Russia .


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Feb 26, 2022
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ok, wannabe white trash. Stay with your 'bitches', fuck up your children by aspiring to being deadbeat white dad with loser druggie mom. That is your aukaad. Because you, like your western trash, are not men or women. You are boys and girls who will never grow up to be men and women - for that, you need a spine and not be loser trash aspirant, like you are.
You glow way too much.


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Mar 8, 2022
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meh , shit game .

all the cool people play fortnite .
It is a shit game. but it has fantastic lore and serves as the basis of much of sci-fi lore. Ever seen starship troopers ? Thats basically space marines vs the tyranids. Starcraft series ? Yep. They are also space marines vs eldar vs tyranids.


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Jan 7, 2022
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says in the article that they already gave us 5 billion earlier , additional 4 on top of that .

doesnt say anything about Russia

😎 times changed . we big people now . we can support anyone we like . US cant do shit .
We were always like this only. We traded with whoever and didn’t condemn or support anyone, be it USSR or Muricans.

This is that aid package they are talking about.


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Apr 9, 2022
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@JBH22 doubted the combat capabilities of the T-72M1. :) Everything is pulled out of the stock.
This is for those who do not believe in the magnitude of the Russian losses.
I sometimes get a little confused after just reading Akim's post. Mostly about what his frigging point is. Anyway, the hundered or so leopard I tanks that Germany took out of their ancient history museums with their 10 to 70mm steel protection, sure will be a good match against the T-62 and it's 115mm smoothbore gun.

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