Russia Naval Capabilities to Deal with Future Threats Part 2


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Dec 14, 2021
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Zircons are not the only way for them to target ships, lets say they need these submarines to be close to other countries, some ships are not in close enough groups but scattered all around the sea. Thus the idea of ballistic missiles to target ships become a new trend.



The Chinese have a problem with ships being too close to their homeland and this became an issue now for Russia to develop Zmeevik. If no ships are within a 1000km radius around a Yasen class submarine than I take it that these missiles can be launched from Russia to hit adversaries that are far away from their country at sea. Ships are capable of intercepting ballistic missiles but Russia's ballstic missiles are not standard since they manuever at the launch phase and their G force manueverability might be higher than previous design ballistic missiles, use stealth material, use EW countermeasures or even have detonation engines like the rumored Sarmatian ICBM for a fast speed launch start, currently any specifications of the missile are classified.

Submarine Stealth SONAR and Torpedoes to deal with other adversaries.


Their submarines have the longest range torpedoes called Futlyar and can use alot of underwater drones with their own SONAR to expand their detection range besides using the HARMONY network SONAR arrays in detecting underwater targets.. It will be hard to find HARMONY SONAR arrays which can use passive SONAR detection instead of active SONAR detection which I guess will only be used if there is a war going to happen. Million dollar torpedoes or missiles are cheaper than billion dollar ships or submarines. The Arctur is said to have its own air defense system, a 1km operating depth while some of their yasens can operate 500-600 meters below sea in which the deeper you go the faster you can go without noisy cavitation and being below lower depths makes you a little more difficult for ships to find. No idea if other countries of 100km range torpedoes.


So based on Stealth, SONAR, Torpedo ranges, SONAR networks from HARMONY not only can they destroy 100s of ships but even adversary submarines as well.

The Big 3 Nuclear Attack Combination

Lets all say there is a country that exists that can track 1000s of BMs and has a 100% chance interception success rate meaning this country can nuke you for all they care and not suffer any repercussions of getting nuked back, but not only that, lets say that such a similiar ABM system is in Europe meaning you have to bypass them before reaching that country. However thanks to the blessings of outside the box nuclear weapons and EMP radar blackouts there are 3 ways to make such a country defenseless.

1. Poseidon


As far as I know I have not heard any news about torpedoes being intercepted underwater and you have to be aware that based on speed, stealth and depth that you can find it 1st before it detonates on your coast. So if radars are close to the coasts they are either destroyed, electronics are fried from EMP and if there are operable radars some radar blackouts will happen which you cant identify or track a target until the effects of the EMP dissipate. Not even satellite infrared or radar tracking would know that these torpedoes have been launched until they hit the coasts and when these coasts are hit SONAR cables will probably get destroyed along with some Naval bases.

2. Nuclear Warhead Zircons


Next your submarines can get very close to the coast of that country and launch Zircons which can go deep and far as 1500kms into territory. Once they get launched close to the coast they will be flying low and fast with nuclear warheads and if some of them do get hit or cause an aerial detonation further EMPs will happen and radar blackouts will mask the other barrage of Zircon missiles causing a domino effect to get further into territory. Keep in mind these missiles are very close above the heads of everyone in that country.



The special purpose submarines have played their part attacking all coasts with Poseidon, The Yasen class submarines have played their part launching Zircons from the west, north, south and east side of the country and next will be the Borei class submarines to put the cherry on top launching SLBMs in the center of the country which offer the same manuever capabilities in the launch phase like Topol,Yars and Cedar with a 3rd stage liquid engine for very high manueverability in the end and also stated having a low flight trajectory.

Other Mentions




The Kinzhal missile is a Quasi-ballistic that manuevers throughout its entire flight at mach 10-12 which be launched from an aircraft to hit a ship from 2000kms away. The Kh-32 has a speed of mach 4.5, has active/passive homing, 1000km range, it is launched from a 13km height to a 40km ceiling and does a steep anti-missile manuever dive to target. The internal hypersonic missile Gremlin is an ongoing classified air to ground or ship missile on board the stealth aircraft in the testing phase. A huge navy isnt really needed its just the right amount of tools and resources needed to deter a bigger Naval force at a lower cost.

I will do an airforce, air defense, strategic missile and army capability thread next once I have the energy again to write more articles.


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