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I will get back to the Air Space capabilities parts but just needed a break from it to write about the land force capability section which I am sure everyone is the most curious about. Than we will talk about the Ukrainian war next since it is 1st good to know about land force number capability.


Smerch, Grad, Uragan,Iskander,Zircon, Tornado-G, Tornado-S Agriculture, TOS, etc, etc. It is best to break each MLRS system into sections so expect alot of paragraphs after this sentence and than we we will get to tanks, howitzers, IFVs, etc before also discussing the current war.

The Smerch uses 300mm rockets with ranges that vary from different ammunitions from 70kms to 130kms max. From a 2007 source it states they have 106 Smerch while in 2020 more have been ordered so the amount they have could be anyones guess. The Vehicle has a 850km range with 12 launch tubes.

The Uragan is mostly can fire 220mm rockets but based on modular designs can also fire 300mm rockets and the max range of the modified Uragans at best can reach 70kms. As of 2016 it states 200 are in service and 600 are in storages which at best is 800 of these systems but assuming there might have been more ordered or produced. Modifications have also show these systems with 30 launch tubes. The Vehicle could travel atleast to 500kms.

The good old Grad MLRS and to my surprise has alot of operators around the world. The system show cases 30 120mm rocket tubes and the latest modifications have boosted its firing range from 40kms to 52kms and the max vehicle range is 405kms. They have 982 of these and 1700 of them in storage since 2012 sources, Received 70 modernized Grad-M rockets in 2016 with 18 more in 2020 so thats alot of Grads.

The Tornado-G and the Tornado-S in which there are 20 Tornado-S systems and 180 Tornado-G systems and vehicles have a 1000km operational range. As of August 2022 contracts have been ordered to bump the production of these systems. The Tornado-G is to replace the Grad and the Tornado-S is to replace the Smerch meaning same amount of tubes and the same size. The reload time has gone from 20 minutes to 8 minutes. Ranges for most ammunition is 90kms while the option for the glonass guided ammunition is 120kms. Tornado-G received export permission in June 2018 and Tornado-S with 120 km range satellite-guided shells in August 2019 meaning these systems with thos ranges can be sold anywhere and it applies to both systems. The new 9M544 missiles that was tested in 2020 would offer a 200km range for the Tornado-S. The Tornado-S is also developing new rounds that put UAVs inside them in which they will temporarily silenice communication and radar systems.

A new 80mm MLRS system is to be put into production in 2024 and what it can do is still unknown.

The Iskander offers a 500km max range because of a treaty, stated that 160 units were availabe since 2010 but later on more and more orders from brigades to regiments made it unclear about all the additional numbers and just like the Tornado systems in August 2022 more units have been ordered since. The Iskander-M is mach 6-7 that manuevers through all phases of its flght, it uses stealth coatings and flight altitudes range from 6km-50kms. Iskander-K is like the Kalibr cruise missile but according to Russians a 480km range because of treaty. And there is the Iskander-E for export sales with a range of 280kms.

Land Zircons are undergoing tests which it is undecided when they will be put into service but there are coastal and naval versions of the missiles. And Zircons capabilities have already been discussed in the Sea capabiliy section I have wrote in.

TOS-1 and TOS-2 systems use thermobaric warheads to destroy huge amount of area but range is shorter than their existing MLRS systems. 16 of TOS-1s were ordered with a certain number of TOS-2 systems. And a new batch of TOS-1s were ordered in September 2022. The vehicles have a max range of 550kms. The TOS-1s have a 6km range while the TOS-2s will offer a 15km range. The Area of destruction from one volley of TOS-1 is 40,000 square feet while the TOS-2 increases it to 60,000 square feet.

The remote mining vehicles the Agriculture and Tick-G are brand new additions to the Russian army. The agriculture has a 5-15km range for firing out miness and has two sets of 25 rockets to do this while the Tick-G has 180 cassetes of mines with a range of 40-100 meters



We are going to get into T-72s, T-90s, T-14, some robotic tanks, some technology, modifications to models, so I will just cover what is deemed important without trying make this topic as long as possible.

For the T-72 production numbers I just want someone to just shoot me in the head since I am hearing one source state, 50,000 have been produced another source saying 30,000, another source saying 18,000, other saying 20,000, one saying above 8000, some say they have 8000(T-72Bs) in reserves and 2000 in active duty. And from many different sources almost saying the same thing of 2,000-2,500 are in active service while many are in storage. And yes I will get into to the bullshit details of Oryx claiming that ukrainians with their T-72s somehow have one of their tanks defeating every 10 Russian tanks of the same T-72 brand like Rambos along with a conflict in the middle-east after I cover all of Russia's equipment here 1st. So there are alot of T-72s so to cover each one in the best way possible depending on variation protection levels against APFSDS rounds ranges from 335mm to 1,200mm, vs HEAT its 450mm to 1900mm, and it can penetrate adversary armour from 245mm to 650 mm, 400 T-72s have been upgraded to T-72B3M which means it was upgraded to the T-90 standards with same relikt armor. These tanks have a 500km range and are usually seen being transported on train tracks to Ukraine.

For some amusement here India has more T-90s than Russia, but the amount Russia has is 417 in active duty and 200 in the storage. Depending on the T-90 variation protection aganst a APFSDS round is from 800mm to 1200mm, against HEAT 1150mm to 1900mm, it uses Svinets for its Sabot rounds so 650mm to 740mm penetration depending on using either tungsten or depleted uranium. Uses Shtora-1 to dazzle infrared seeking missiles where in some cases it worked on youtube videos and sometimes hasnt like some arguing it go de-activated when the person inside of it opened the hull. Can use laser beam riding ATGM Refleks with a 5km range and a 900mm penetration of RHA steel armor.

To my surprise I expected to T-14 to be like the F-35 to not be in actual combat but they have showcased in the testing grounds in Crimea training recruits. As of now there are 132 T-14 armatas with a contract that states more than 40 will be delivered after 2023. The current Malachit armor protection is unknown but it offers additional 900mm RHA steel protection of a capsule protecting crew, the tank uses an aerial drone called pterodactyl that can be attached to a cable for tanks to see further away and claims of a 100km AESA radar afghanit but unsure of actual ranges, 7km-8km laser range finder to identify tanks has a hardkill APS that has 1.7km/s stopping speeds with claims of stopping sabot rounds. There were talks about in the future for modifications to replace the main cannon to 152mm, raise the hardkill APS with stopping speeds of 3km/s and switching to 30mm anti-aircraft guns instead of the secondary 14.7mm cannons it has. It has an ATGM called Sprinter which has a 12km range with a millimeter wave SACLOS to hit targets even helicopters with a 950mm RHA penetration and there is a new active homing ATGM called the 3UBK25 but that is under developement. The tank has an unmanned turret.

Other MBTs like 191 T-62s were in active service and 1,929 in storage since 2000 and 600 left the storage to participate in the Ukraine war, Also 480 T-80s in active service with 3000 in the storage, really never a shortage of tanks for Russia.

Just for the fun of it they are developing another next gen tank called the Tachanka-B which will be unmanned. And according to the 13th and 14th references some breakthroughs are made in making an energy plasma projectile shield for protection and a rail gun to work with a tank. Now moving to other tanks

The BMPT terminators 1-3, it states that there were 300 ordered, they usually hold 4 Ataka missiles which penetrates 950mm RHA of steel with a range of up to 8kms, 30mm cannons, 7.62 mm machine guns and 30mm grenades. Also uses smoke grenades for protection if targeted through infrared detection.

I really dont want to be lazy but they have too many different robotic tanks in which as the number for each is not worth beating my head over, but I would still recommend many to go through all the pages on reference 15 to go see all them from thsource.


View attachment 181664

The BMP1-3, since 2013 there are 1,851 BMP-2s in active service and 6,500 in reserves. 700 BMP-3s from 2013 wiki source and a moderator from another forum giving a 2015 to present time update about 1,308 BPM-3s and 12 of those have the Epokha module which gives it a 57mm cannon with a 14.5km range. No Idea on the amount of BMP-1s. The BMP-2 uses Konkurs ATGM while the BMP-3 uses the Bastion or Kornet-EM ATGMs. The Kornet has a 8km range being an ATGM with 1,300mm RHA of penetration and a 10km range option if it uses a thermobaric warhead. Vehicles have a 600km range with protection and machine guns.

The Bumerang, Bumerang-BM, Kurganets and T-15 armata states that the amount they ordered is classified. These have IFVs have enhanced protection in RHA and have their own 360 degree hardkill APS for protection. They also have extra plate protection against IEDs and use jamming devices to cause IEDs to detonate. The Bumerang-BM is remotely controlled, They use Kornet-EM ATGMs with 57mm cannons, 30mm cannon and 12.7mm machines guns.


View attachment 181676

The Koalitsiya-SV is a long range howitzer that has a 80km range and based on the 16 reference will have its range boosted to 170kms in which work is still ongoing for the new ammunition. According to sources about 10 or 12 of these howitzers have been produced along more being unordered which is unknown and it can fire 16-20 rounds per minute depending on what sources you look at. Just for the fun of it Russia created 152mm nuclear shells before with a 2.5 kiloton yield but there is a treaty between super powers that nuclear shells have been banned.

The Msta howitzer has a max 36km range, about 800 in active service and 2000 in storage according to 18th reference and there have been more orders of them. The Akaksiya has a max range of 24kms 931 of these are in active service and 1600 of them in storage. These howiters are also with 152mm cannons.

The 2S7 Pion uses a 203mm cannon has a range of 55kms and vehicle can travel 650kms. There are 60 of them in active duty and 260 in the reserves. And the 2S4 Tyulpan has a 20km max range using a 240mm cannon about 9 in active service and 400 in the storage.



Great another pain in the ass topic I will have to cover since tanks, I cant help myself from getting on the technology side of how great they are so more fun for me I guess.

Ka-50 Black Shark, Ka-52 Alligator, Ka-50N Night Shark, Ka-52 Night Crocodile, Ka-52 Katran and Ka-52M, Apparently there is quite a bunch of footage based on tweets of their use against targets. 1st I will just start off saying there are about 133 Ka-50s and Ka-52s regardless of variant, by 2022-2023 30 Ka-52Ms will be added than by 2027 total order would reach 144 Ka-52Ms. Since I wont get to the bombs and rockets part the standard katrans can carry 12 Vikhrs that have a 12km range, The Ka-52s have a 16 launcher choice to carry Hermes-A which has a 20km range and the penetration is 1000mm. The standard Ka-52 has the Arbalet radar which has a 100km range and combines X and Ka or L and Ka wave bands and the Ka-52M has received a brand new AESA radar with an increased range than the Arbalet radar. The Ka-52M will interact with data from drones, aircraft and helicopters and has improved infrared sensors that can identify targets at a farther range. The regular VK-2500 engines offer a 1,160km max range, while the new VK-2500M engines have reduced weight and fuel burn in which deleiveries are planned for 2023. The Ka-52M will be fitted with a newer self protection system than the existing L370-5 Vitebsk systems on current KA-52 helicopters. According to reference 30 the helicopters can be equipped with LMUR in which the export version shows a 14.5km range but ranges vary on the different warheads used for different targets. I am looking at reference 32 and it seems the radar for the Ka-52 Katran has a 250km range and it uses different frequencies like X and L-band but it also uses the Ka-band for SAR resolution as well. Based on reference 33 the Ka-52 can carry up to 6 25 rocket pods amounting to 150 rockets and they had a picture of a Ka-52 holding a Kh-35 missile and there is one for the Katran called the Kh-35UV and 100km cruise missiles are being developed for these helicopters. Also it is said in the near future according to reference 34 that the Klevok-D2-Airplane and Klevok-D2-Caliber so already from the sound of it there will be an aerial and land replacement. Basically it states that the 1st stage will have a 100km range at 1km/s speeds, and that the 2nd stage ramjet engine will have 12kg fuel for 42 seconds travelling at 1.5km/s to 2km/s which means an additional 63-84kms giving a theoretical 163-184km range, the Hermes warhead weight is 28kg, the Klevok-D2 warhead weight is 56.6kg. In terms of altitudes, speeds, weight and size I wish good luck to any air defense unit that will be on the receiving end of these missiles as of now I have no idea what aircrafts might have these besides helicopters carrying them since they can launch 100km cruise missiles.

There about 90 Ka-27 helicopters and more than half have been upgraded to the Ka-27M version and based on reference 35 the helicopter got an upgraded radar with a 300km range. They have the option to use kh-35 missiles and anti-tank missiles depending on the existing variants.

Now the Mi-28s in which it states there are 126 of these and it states by 2027 that 96 Mi-28NMs will be received. These helicopters are able to communicate with drones from 50kms away. According to reference 36 each of these helicopters can carry 4 100km cruise missiles than Reference 37 states that these helicopters can carry several kamikaze drones and direct them to targets. I would assume some of the kamikazi drones will be carried in the new rocket pod designs with 122mm, 80mm and perhaps 57mm rocket tubes but we will see later. They also carry Hermes missiles as well and just for an interesting fact they can carry R-74M missiles that have a 40km range to shoot down aircrafts as an option at this point they modified their tanks to shoot down helicopters and now helicopters to shoot down aircrafts. Based on reference 38 I assume that 8 of those 25km missiles are the domestic LMUR missiles since it carries 4 for both pylons. It states that the night hunter will use the same engines as the Ka-52M. The night hunters are also getting brand new radars compared to the previous versions that had the Arbalet radar along with an improved enhanced self protection system.

According to reference 39 about 130 mi-24s in Russia with different modificiations. The design was advanced enough during its time to get smuggled by the U.S. in operation mount hope 3.

Ground Force Gear


About 300,000 Ratnik sets have been delivered since December 2020 I does not specify which amount were Ratnik-1 or which amount were Ratnik-2 but the Ratnik-2 features a passive exoseleton. The Ratnik-3 which is planned around 2025 to start production has an active Exoskeleton, micro UAVs, can take direct sniper shoots, soles have mine detection, offers warming capabilities from active battery.

Miscellanious Equipment That Are Good to Know About.


This equipment is never the less useful even if some of them are unheard of. The Rtut-BM is an EW system that helps protect troops and equipment from artillery rockets and shells equipped with proximity fuses causing them to detonate 3-5 meters in altitude by producing a 10 minute jamming signal and the coverage is 400 meters in radius. Current number is classified.

The Penicillin EW system helps locate positions of enemy artillery, mortars, anti-aircraft and tactical missiles, MLRS systems. It uses acoustic and thermal reconaissance of rounds that have been fired to determine their locations, current amount ordered is unknown.

EMP weapons which are like friendly nukes that fry everything instead of kill everyone. Not much is known oother than few details, the Alabuga missile when it detonates creates a 3.5km radius that fries every electronic component. According to reference 43 there are pojects of EMP shells, bombs and even cannons but all that info is at best hidden form the public.

The Good Old Russian Ukraine War

Alright I am going to have to try my very best to not appear bias before drawing my own conclusion until I look at both sides of the story, Western, Ukrainian and Russian sources are so nowhere near close to each other that its ridiculious. I will try to catch which side is bullshitting or which side has stayed atleast consistent to what they have said once we get that out of they way I will give my honest opinion about this war around the last part of this article.

Russian Sources

150k-190k were involved at the start of the operation in February 2022, 80k were moved back to Russia but to be on their borders in order to negotiate with NATO a peace deal which means that 70k-110k Russian troops were in Ukraine carrying out the operation according to the May 2022 source article on reference 23 and they do rotations by switching troops, These numbers have stayed consistent to what Putin said about a week ago that 80k troops are ukraine and 50k of those are the ones that have been trained. 318k reserves have been deployed and add that to the 80k they have kept close to Ukraine's border than they have at best 398k soldiers at the ready while atleast 80k troops are in Ukraine. Now looking at the 24th reference Shoigu states 5,937 Russian soldiers have died in September 21, 2022 since the February 24,2022 ooperation which is about exactly seven months. than on that same day announced 61,207 ukrainian soldiers died and that 49,368 ukrainian soldiers are wounded. So lets do some division and that is dividing these numbers by 7, We get 848 Russians dead for month on the exhange of 8743 dead ukrainian soldiers per month. Lets see if we can fact check Shoigu, looking at the 25th reference for the losses of October we get 12,000 dead ukrainian soldiers and since he said 7-8 times less losses that is 1,500-1,714 and this about lines up almost consistently to what Shoigu said, but it seems about twice the amount of Russians soldiers or 100% increase have died this time on October, while 37.25% more ukrainians died. I guess maybe based on the military aid Ukraine has received they have gotten better but not enough to still exceed more dead russians than them. According to General Yuri on reference 26 for November 13, 2022, "333 aircraft, 175 helicopters, 2492 unmanned aerial vehicles, 388 anti-aircraft missile systems, 6550 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 886 combat vehicles of multiple launch rocket systems, 3574 field artillery and mortar guns, as well as 7187 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed."

Now time to be funny, since I am very Pro-Ukrainian i will use Surovikin's 1,714 estimate than the 1,500 number estimate and add it on to 5,937 russsians we get 7,437 dead Russians, now we have to add the 80k part according to putin to the the 398k soldiers since we got the reserves and the ones that have left to just be close to Ukraines border so we have 478k Russian soldiers in total. So 7,437 divded by 478,000 Ukraine is about 1.5% of they way done removing all the invaders. But Shoigu says we have 20 million reservists ready and there is like 1,150,000 active duty troops so divide 7,437 by 21,150,000 Ukraine is about .00035% of the way there.

Ukraine Sources

Alright I will try for the most part try to be on my best behavior but no guarantees. Zelensky states since May 21, 2022 according to reference 27 he has 700k soldiers ready to defend Ukraine. Looking at reference 29 Ukrainians claim that 80,860 dead russians, 242,580 Russians are injured, 1000 captured, 5742 Russian armored vehicles destroyed, 2840 tanks destroyed, 1,837 artillery destroyed, 278 planes destroyed, 261 helicopters destroyed and 16 ships or boats destroyed. Alright I will just try to take these claims serious so including injured and killed, Russia should be calling another mobilization any time now and just for shits and giggles I am sure that if we go back to the middle of September when this website was still up and before the mobilization announcement and remove 318k from 478k Russian soldiers, Ukraine would have already won the war two months ago. Alright moving on looking at my IFV section Russia has about 10,359 BMPs(I dont have number on BMP-1s or the next gen stuff on my IFV section) so Ukraine is about 55% done wiping out all of Russias armoured vehicles, For tanks and on my T-72 selection i will choose the 8000 in reserves and 2000 in active duty so 16,349 tanks so Ukraine is about 17% done wiping out all of Russia's tanks, I think by artillery they mean howitzers and MLRS systems so I got 9,724 so 19% of the way done for Ukraine destroying them all, Ukraine is sbout 42% done wiping out all of Russia's helicopters. According to the Ukraine goverment on reference 40 from february to june 10,000 ukrainian soldiers died which even looks like even more bullshit when the week offensive on early september amounted to over 10,000 ukrainian troops dead so how did they for 3 and 1/3rd months have the same amount of deaths they reported themselves for one week in september to have the same number of deaths despite all the western aid they have received?

Western Sources

According to Reference 28, 100k Ukrainian soldiers have been killed with 100k dead Russian soldiers, OK that is just a little better than what Ukraine has claimed. That means there are 378,000 more Russians to go. while if we take Zelensky's word for it there are 600k more ukrainians to go. If they are saying this since 4 days ago Than roughly 100k deaths result in 8 in a half months meaning Russia has to hold on for like 30 months which at this point it will be assumed that Europe will be out of gas for any winter to stop supplying Ukraine. Now lets look at reference 41 the Ukrainian soldier Thor being interviewed stated that about 5 of them die for every one russian soldier, than Oleksandr another ukrainian soldier got interviewed stating when we fire 3 mortar shots they fire 20 in return, so russia sounds like they have 6.66 times the amount of equipment Russia, So about 6-7 months the amount of equipment Ukraine has received was not enough so we have to multiply this by 6.66 times the amount and of course again by than somewhere in the middle I am assuming some central european countries will be out of gas for electricty in which I hope they found an alternative by than.

My Own Perspective From These Sources

If were are going by Russian sources than Ukraine is nowhere near close despite the aid packages they have received to fully oust Russia from Ukraine. The only way they will be considered to winning to war is if Russia adds another 100,000 reserves to their existing 318k NATO is getting involved and that Russia also signs a peace deal which they keep parts but not all of Ukraine such as they cant have troops close to Poland and finally that Ukraine takes Mariupol since there are alot of Russian construction projects which proves they are sure of themselves everything is still going as planned despite Ukraine's last offensives that Ukraine wont get that far according to their plan. If we look at Ukraine's sources they are like half way done wiping out Russias entire arsenal and somehow have killed so much Russians that Russia still wanted to keep their armed forces at a smaller number than ukraine according to what Zelensky announced on May. Western sources are not any better in Ukraine's favor since some state the number of deaths are exactly equal which means Russia will win since they have more bodies to use and the rate of the war will increase the timelength in which I believe Central Europe will be out of gas in which I hope they have found alternatives that will be sufficient enough to give them power before bending to Russia's demands. Also western sources despite Ukraine making gains have lossed 5 times the amount of troops for a russian and Russia fires more than 6 times the amount of artillery back at Ukraine meaning the timelngth to September will have to be increased 6 times the amount in order for Ukrainians to get killed as much as Russians to get killed. Those two Ukrainian soldiers being interviewed alone have thrown current western and Ukrainian sources under the bus since they almost line up to what Shoigu and Surovikin had siad about their loss estimates. Now the problem here is that there is an increased number happening for Russia's drones, artillery, tanks, helicopters, etc during this war and most of those are modern equipment which means that the current soviet gear Russia has used in this war was enough to deter Ukraine's soviet gear/ western gear they have received. The amount of equipment Ukraine received from the war puts them on having the top 5 strongest land militaries but also at the expense of NATO getting less equipment and having to buy new equipment for themselves

I have listed some nice highlights on Russia's modern weapons listed on this entire article and to be as nice as possible I still wonder what western weapons can deter them? Of course NATO and Russia still spend and send equipment along with troops in this war, so fan boys from either side believe because of that they are sure that they will win the war. This article is not to be pro-Russian, Pro-NATO, and Pro-Ukrainian but its against people that believe their side will win the war based on no proof at all along with why do they believe one side but not the other telling their story.


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source 1: В России идет разработка гиперзвуковых патронов - ТРК Звезда Новости, 12.03.2019 (

Today, Russia is developing hypersonic cartridges and weapons. This was told by Vladislav Lobaev, the designer of the ultra-long-range rifle SVLK-14S "Sumrak" and the general designer of Lobaev Arms.

According to him, the company, being a designer of ultra-long-range weapons, has now reached in its record attempts an absolute physical limit in the sense of external ballistics of rifled weapons. Currently, the Americans hold a record of 5500 meters, and you can surpass it only by hitting a target at a range of 6 kilometers. Such a shot is almost impossible to produce using a cartridge based on previous principles.

"The capabilities that such weapons provide are completely unique. They will reset personal protective equipment for some time, and there will be no issues of penetration of light armored vehicles even from long distances," the designer said.
According to Lobaev, Lobaev Arms is currently conducting such research on an initiative basis at its own expense, but not so quickly due to insufficient funding.

"However, sooner or later we will finish this issue, at least in terms of counteracting the Americans in such an informal competition," he said.
The unique svlk-14S ultra-long-range rifle is a Russian single-shot rifle. Designed to set records for firing range


Scientists of Bryansk state technical University have developed a new method of making armor for military equipment.

"According to the new technology, armor is grown by an additive method by fusing wire and then strengthened using wave shock," the Foundation for advanced research told RIA Novosti. They noted that a number of enterprises of the military-industrial complex showed interest in the development.

The technology was developed by BSTU together with FPI and transferred to Russian factories that produce armored vehicles. The protection grown by the new method is 15-30 percent lighter than homogeneous, and its strength is higher. In addition, the creation of armor from wire can significantly reduce the consumption of high-quality steel.

Global Defence