Religion: An Artifice for Colonial Aggression....interesting blog.


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Mar 28, 2009
There is a song in Malayalam which goes like, "snakes have holes to crawl into,jackals have caves for shelter,but the son of God has no place to rest his head"........

2000 years on and still Jesus is not left in peace ...First brown and now this :)

I had once written article sized posts on this in IDF,sadly all are gone now.There no doubt that modern Christianity is essentially Roman in form if not in content and its assimilated great number of Roman(Pagan ?) cultural traits as it supplanted older religions in Roman Europe.

But its ridiculous to say the story of Jesus itself was a Roman invention.For one Romans persecuted too many Christians for that charge to stand.While Vespasian definitely used the Messianic fervor that was prevalent in Judea to reestablish Roman control there,it was nothing more than using local beliefs as apolitical tool.

Early Christians,perhaps Jesus himself,incorporated the Messianic preachings into their spiritual movement.

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