Rape and Paedophilia Culture in the 1st World "Cultured Countries"


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Apr 13, 2013
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Falkirk cocaine addict killed prostitute and raped two others in orgy of death
A FATHER-of-two murdered a -prostitute in his home then raped two call girls in front of her corpse while his young son slept nearby.
A FATHER-of-two murdered a -prostitute in his home then raped two call girls in front of her corpse while his young son slept nearby.

The horrific details em--erged yesterday when car salesman Steven Mathieson, 38, admitted the attacks.

It is believed his secret cocaine addiction sparked the -violence at the family home in Falkirk.

Mathieson, said to be of "impeccable character", had a secret life and frequently used sex chat phone lines as well as taking the Class A drug regularly.

He stabbed Luciana Maurer 44 times shortly after his partner had headed off on a Christmas night out.

The High Court in Glasgow was told how Mathieson had spent the day of the killing – Thursday, December 4 – on a family shopping trip.

He later went for a meal with his children. Then he dropped off one of the children with a relative before going home with his younger son.

Later, he sent a text to his girlfriend saying: "Have a good night. Love you."

But after putting his boy to bed, Mathieson, who worked for the car dealers Arnold Clark, arranged for a prostitute to visit him.

Romanian-born Ms Maurer, who had arrived in Scotland a few days earlier having moved from London, arrived around 11pm.

Within minutes, she was dead after Mathieson – high on cocaine – repeatedly knifed the 23-year-old, including cutting her throat.

He then sent a text to his partner reading, "Sorry xx" before putting in a request for two other vice girls to come to his house.

When they turned up, they could see Mathieson sitting casually on his couch in the living room.

He then led the pair upstairs.

Describing the horror that met them, prosecutor Jane Farquharson said: "Mathieson went into the bedroom first.

He put on the light and hung back at the door whilst the women walked in. As soon as they did, they saw the deceased, lying on her back on top of the double bed."

Crazed Mathieson then grabbed two knives from a set of drawers before blocking the door.

He first tormented the women by stroking them with the knives then threatening to kill them if they did not bow to his sick demands. Ms Farquharson said: "He told both to remove their clothing and to dance for him.

In fear of what he might do and, with the body of the deceased lying on the bed in front of them, each did as they were told."

Mathieson went on to rape the pair – including attacking one after ordering her to lie beside Luciana.

The women, aged 26 and 22, were trapped in the room for 10 minutes before Mathieson ordered them downstairs.

Ms Farquharson said: "Over the course of the assault in the living room, he told them that his son was asleep in the bedroom upstairs.

"He advised both, 'I'm going to be many years in prison because I killed that girl. I've done this to show my wife something'." Eventually, they managed to flee, running naked from the house to a neighbour to raise the alarm.

The hearing was interrupted at one point as Mathieson began crying hysterically and retching loudly as if he was going to be sick.

It prompted his QC, Donald Findlay, to leave his own seat and sit beside his client in the dock. A motive for the crimes was not given yesterday but it is believed Mathieson's drug problem may have been a factor.

It was revealed that in spring last year he started attending Cocaine Anonymous, having built up a large debt, a situation of which his partner was unaware.

Mr Findlay said that before these crimes, Mathieson had been of "impeccable character."

He now accepted "full responsibility" for what had happened. Judge Lord Bannatyne deferred sentencing until next month.

Cocaine addict killed prostitute and raped two call girls | UK | News | Daily Express


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Sep 2, 2013
Only material wealth can not make a nation Great. West is infested with crazy minds, bizzare behavior, extereme violence and pathological greed and lack of empathy for fellow humans .... Are these qualities of a great civilization ???? Absolutely not...these are signed of a rotten, degenerate nation.

Mad Indian

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Jan 27, 2012
Should India invade them and save these barbarians from their barbarity? I mean in the interest of Humanity?:hmm:


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Oct 24, 2014
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Partner Swapping (Swinging) has it's origins in the US defence forces, particularly the US Air Force.


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Dec 16, 2014
Re: 1st world Superior WHITE MAN'S BURDEN: EU Bositive news

This is all done because of the incident, that the papal pedophile ring was exposed. It might have also been the reason why the pope resigned. The strategy of the pope and the western govs, which he controls through his pedophile network, is it to blame other parties for pedophilia in the mass media. Short after the inauguration of the new pope, in the mass media appeared dozens of articles that state "enemy" parties of the papacy would be pedophiles. There was a scandal of a "green" politician which was a pedophile Pädophilie-Debatte (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) – Wikipedia, then socialdemocrats were pedophiles, then there were these incidents in India that were all over the massmedia for quite a while, where a indian female was raped with "steel beams". So basically all opponents of the papacy were soon the pedophiles. The pedophile network is how the papacy is holding together its criminal monotheist world empire. I really dont get it why you dont oppose it, they destroy purposely the whole world and make extinct every day 75 species. And all you do is helping them and taking part in the rally between the nations for world extinction... Monotheism must be opposed by all means. Not imitated. Please help me and contact me, im by far the only person that has the knowledge and is working against monotheism. http://echterevolution.wordpress.com echterevolution at ok.de
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Apr 13, 2013
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"‹Police posters 'victim blaming' women for rape, say critics
A British police force has come under fire for publishing posters that critics say place the blame for rape on women rather than male attackers.

Sussex Police issued the posters as part of a campaign to prevent rape. The force intends to put them up in pub toilets and bus stops.

Campaigners say the posters reinforce the message that victims rather than assailants are to blame in sexual assault cases.

Sussex Police defended the posters, saying it wanted to raise awareness that vulnerable people could be targeted by rapists.

The posters feature an image of two young women taking a selfie, with the caption: "Which one of your mates is most vulnerable on a night out? The one you leave behind."

It goes on to say many rapes could be prevented if women "stick together and don't let your friend leave with a stranger or go off on their own.":rofl:

Sarah Green, director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said the posters were sending the wrong message – to the wrong people.

"We need to get beyond police campaigns giving instructions to women on how to behave to be safe," she told the Daily Mail. "We need to talk to those who may perpetrate rape and deter them."

Women's rights campaigner Celia Wilson echoed Green's comments.

"We still live in a world where women get told that they can't walk home on their own but men are absolutely fine to do so," she told the BBC.

Twitter users berated Sussex Police force, accusing them of making the "victim" responsible for rape.

Another Twitter user took a creative approach to the poster. @oskmatz doctored the photo to depict men drinking, turning the message on its head.

Chief Inspector Katy Woolford defended the poster as part of a campaign encouraging friends and bystanders to intervene to prevent rape.

"Rape is never a victim's fault, but as with all crimes we can reduce the number of victims in several ways," she told the Mail Online.

"We would be failing in our response if, as with any other crime, we did not recognize that there are victims and urge them to take steps to minimize risks and help safeguard others from becoming victims."

"It is vital to be aware of vulnerability so that steps can be taken to guard against it. Friends and bystanders can play a key role in this, learning to recognize where their intervention may prevent a crime taking place," she added.



So much for the advanced civilization and empowered women of the west :D


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Apr 13, 2013
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Countrywide gang of paedophiles 'roamed UK to rape babies and pre-school children as their friends watched on the Internet'

Members of child sex ring 'preyed on families of children they targeted'
Some would travel long distances to carry out attacks together, court told
Or they would watch a live stream if only one had access to a victim
Two have denied charges of conspiracy to rape a child and are on trial
Five others pleaded guilty to range of offences, including rape of a child

By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline and Press Association

Published: 16:18 GMT, 10 April 2015 | Updated: 01:41 GMT, 11 April 2015


A countrywide gang of paedophiles roamed the country to rape babies and pre-school children in attacks that were live streamed over the internet :shocked:, a court heard today.

Members of the child sex ring preyed on the families of the youngsters they targeted - sometimes offering to babysit their victims, jurors were told.

Some would travel long distances to carry out the attacks together or watch a live stream over the internet if only one had access to a victim, Bristol Crown Court heard.
The harrowing details of the group's alleged crimes were revealed as two went on trial at Bristol Crown Court (pictured) accused of conspiracy to rape or sexually abuse a baby

The harrowing details of the group's alleged crimes were revealed as two went on trial at Bristol Crown Court (pictured) accused of conspiracy to rape or sexually abuse a baby

Prosecutor Robert Davies told the jury five of the gang have pleaded guilty to a range of offences, including rape of a child and conspiracy to rape a child during 2013 and 2014.

They are Robin Hollyson, 30; Christopher Knight, 35; Adam Toms, 33; David Harsley, 51, and Matthew Lisk, 32.

Two others, John Denham, 49, and Matthew Stansfield, 34, have denied charges of conspiracy to rape a child and are on trial.

'This prosecution will take you into a world you wish did not exist,' Mr Davies said.

'The evidence exposes the shocking interest a group of men had in sexually abusing children and babies, particularly pre-school children and babies.

'A real baby was for certain abused and raped by some of those involved. Also a boy aged four or five was brought into a room while a man engaged in sexual activity for his own enjoyment as men watched live on the internet.

'Those others, particularly on the internet where part of an operation that such things would occur, even if they were not those committing the sexual acts.'
The child sex ring would connect to the internet using the 'dark web' - a way of hiding online activity, the court was told

The child sex ring would connect to the internet using the 'dark web' - a way of hiding online activity, the court was told

Mr Davies said members of the gang would contact each other using Skype, video conferencing software and other online chatrooms.

They would also connect to the internet using the 'dark web' - a way of hiding online activity, the court was told.

The group of men - from Wiltshire, Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Humberside, Manchester and Somerset - tried to recruit more watchers and one boasted he would soon have access to a newborn child.

'The abuse would be arranged when there was a "window of opportunity" to abuse a baby,' Mr Davies said.

'Those involved in the planning of the abuse were as much a part of that abuse as those taking part in that abuse.

'The abuse was planned and was not just fantasy.'

Mr Davies added: 'The evidence of what occurred at different times comes from various sources and despite the efforts of many of those involved to destroy evidence before they were arrested, such as wiping hard drives clean'.

He said both Stansfield and Denham admitted taking part in Skype chats.

'They accept their involvement in the Skype chat but essentially say it was just fantasy and nothing more and the prosecution say that was plainly untrue,' he said.

'We suggest that plans to rape the boy were very real and indeed it happened. Those two knew that in encouraging it, it was likely that someone would commit this type of thing.

'If not them, then this abuse would be broadcast to others by conferencing networks or Skype.

'Part of the excitement and titillation for some of them was watching a baby being abused - that did it for them.'

In one incident in February last year, Stansfield allegedly drove from his home in Hampshire more than 100 miles to where Hollyson lived because the latter had a 'thin window of opportunity' to spend time with a baby.

'This was an opportunity that was too good to miss,' Mr Davies said.

'It is not clear precisely what happened to the baby that day, but we know there was a plan because Christopher Knight and Robin Hollyson have pleaded guilty. The question is whether Stansfield was part of it'.

In another incident, Mr Davies said Skype chat logs allegedly showed Denham in conversation with Hollyson about raping the same baby the previous month.

But Hollyson was unexpectedly detained in hospital on January 17 and the incident did not happen, the court heard.

'It may well be that he does not turn up. We say that he is not just a laptop masturbating fantasist and there is a real plan for the baby to be raped on January 17,' Mr Davies said.

'We say that Mr Denham is part of that plan. He pushed the idea along and trades on the fact that he will have access to a newborn and is very disappointed that Hollyson is stuck in hospital.'

Jurors also told of another incident in 2013 involving Denham, who is married, Lisk, from Sussex, and Harsley, from Humberside, who had all met on a paedophile internet chat room.

Harsley committed a sex act in front of a child aged four or five as Denham and Lisk watching over the internet, while also engaging in consensual sexual activity themselves.

'We suggest that Mr Denham and the other man might as well have been in the room with the boy', Mr Davies said.

The court heard how none of the parents of the children involved had any idea their sons were being abused by the men.

The group were arrested between September 11 and 25 after police used IP addresses to track Hollyson, the court heard.

Hollyson has already admitted orally raping a baby. He filmed the horrific encounter and distributed it on the internet for other 'like-minded men to enjoy'.

Denham, who was previously known as Benjamin Harrop, of Wiltshire denies a charge of conspiracy to rape a child under the age of 13 and the alternative of conspiracy to sexually assault a child under the age of 13.

He has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to engage in sexual activity in the presence of a child and child pornography offences.

Stansfield, of Hampshire, has pleaded not guilty to two charges of conspiracy to rape a child under 13 and one alternative charge of conspiracy to sexually assault a child under the age of 13. He has also pleaded guilty to child pornography offences.

The trial continues.

Paedophiles gang 'roamed UK to rape babies and children as friends watched on internet' | Daily Mail Online


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Mar 28, 2012
Looks like Britain has hit the jackpot this time.


Grammar school boy who became Britain's worst paedophile: Pervert, 30, abused HUNDREDS of young victims at Christian orphanages across south-east Asia - but why did UK police not raise the alarm?
  • Depraved predator started abusing children while on gap-year in Malaysia
  • Paedophile later returned to south-east Asia to study and work as a teacher
  • He wrote about the horrific crimes he committed and got funding online
  • Case can be reported after he admitted a shocking 71 child sex offences


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Aug 12, 2009
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Britain's worst Pedophile to worm his way into an Indian kids' home
  • Depraved Richard Huckle conducted a nine-year campaign of child abuse
  • Emails reveal how paedophile, 30, talked his way into Indian orphanage
  • Posed as teacher, photographer and student to gain access to children
  • One of those targets was New Hope for Children orphanage in Bangalore
  • Huckle 'took photos and videos' of vulnerable children there in July 2013
  • Now faces up to 22 life sentences after pleading to 71 charges of sex abuse


  1. 2005 – Richard Huckle first visits Malaysia on a teaching placement in his gap year
  2. 2006 – He spends two weeks in Cambodia and sexually abuses two sisters aged four and six
  3. 2007 – He returns to Cambodia and stays with the same family. He takes a volunteer teacher role at a small centre in their village
  4. 2011 – He moves to Malaysia permanently and enrols at Kuala Lumpur University to study IT. He also claims to be working as a freelance professional photographer
  5. 2013 – Huckle arranges a visit to the New Hope for Children Orphanage in Bangalore and Ambur, after finding out about it on Facebook
  6. 2014 – National Crime Agency gets a tip off from police in Queensland, Australia, alerting them to the abuse
  7. Dec 2014 – Huckle is arrested at Gatwick Airport after arriving to visit his parents for Christmas
  8. Feb 2015 – Huckle is charged with more than 90 offences
  9. June 2016 – The case can finally be reported after restrictions are lifted at the beginning of a three-day sentencing hearing
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Apr 29, 2016

Pakistani Man Accused of Raping 30 Sheep in Saudi Arabia
Posted on September 26, 2013 by ADMIN15 Comments

Saudis finally figure out why their mutton smelled like Lahore!


AL RIYADH News Paper | 2013-06-08

Pakistani resident is facing charges of raping 30 sheeps belonging to a citizen in Al Aflaj, Al Marwah in Ar Riyad Saudi Arabia . The arrest came following a complaint received by the police station from a citizen reporting the capturing of the accused offender in the sheep’s yard before midnight to conduct a sexual intercourse with the animals.

The sheep owner filed a complaint to the security authorities to analyze his cattle, Ministry of Agriculture will execute the analysis on the animals to complete the investigation procedures with the accused offender.

technically Saudi Arabia is kind of first world


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Apr 29, 2016
Animal rape and animal brothel
two topics nobody wants to hear, read or even know about!
Peter Bowen-Walker - Sex between animals of different species is rare - but not undocumented in the zoological literature. This suggests that on the whole it is biologically non-normative for organisms to engage in inter-species sex.

Sex between humans and animals is therefore predictably also relatively rare, but it has been practiced by people for perhaps thousands of years. Notwithstanding, the International Classification of Diseases/10th edition (ICD-10) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders/5th edition (DSM-V) of The American Psychiatric Association classifies sex with animals (bestiality/zoophilia) as‘‘Other Disorders of Sexual Preference’’ and ‘‘Paraphilia Not Otherwise Specified’’ respectively.

Despite the general disgust and revulsion that most people express when the topic is broached, and despite bestiality being considered a psychological disorder - in many countries around the world - sex with animals is not illegal - and perhaps surprisingly some of those countries are in the EU. Even in some of the more highly developed EU countries, sex with animals has only very recently been made illegal (e.g. The German Animal Welfare Act 2013, s3(13)).

An article in the Digital Journal states that "sexual contact with animals has been legal in [Denmark] since 1933, and has apparently given birth to “barnyard brothels” in the country. Those establishments are reported to charge anywhere from $85 to $170 for an encounter with an animal! (A whole new meaning to a "petting" farm).

Laws in both Denmark and Norway are very permissive when it comes to a person’s legal right to engage in sexual activity with an animal. The only limitation is that the animal involved must not suffer!

Understandably - this whole issue catalyses strong emotions and raises complex moral and ethical questions as well as animal welfare and human health concerns.

For example, according to one study, men who had sex with animals were twice as likely to develop cancer of the penis as other men who did not. If this finding is corroborated, this may have serious implications for transferring animal viruses into the human population because people who have sex with animals do not restrict their sexual activity to animals and many will go on to have sex with human partners. Should this be the case, there is an argument that sex with animals should be made illegal in the wider public interest to protect the health of the population at large from contracting zoonotic diseases.

In a study of 300 children who sexually abused other children, 20% of them had a history of sexually abusing animals (Duffield et al., 1998). Whilst this research does not specifically suggest many or even any people who sexually abuse animals will go on to abuse children - the higher than average incidence of this correlation is a concern. Since sex with animals is a "sexual preference disorder" - this at least puts legislators on notice that there are troubling related issues.

Are there any other problems?

One piece of research reported "that professionals should be mindful of the potential level of dangerousness in individuals convicted of zoophilic offences" and that "individuals convicted of sexual offences involving animals were found to be the most deviant and indiscriminate of sex offenders." (Reported in Wilcox et al. 2005)

The real objection in our view however is that animals are incapable of consenting to sexual acts. In addition, they are sentient beings whose physical and mental integrity should be respected and afforded protection from sexual violation by humans.

Does the EU know about this issue?

A question was put to the Commission concerning this issue on 2/5/2012 by Tiziano Motti. Part of the question was as follows:

"It would appear, in light of activity on the Internet and of various reports, that in some EU Member States, such as Sweden, Spain, Denmark and lately even Germany, there is a gap in national provisions that allows certain pets and stray animals to be sexually exploited, in exchange for money, within dedicated venues. Apparently, some pet owners are offering their animals for this type of commercial use, and these are not isolated incidents but form part of an organised trade at European level that has already become a source of ‘sex tourism’."

What reply was given?

Mr Dalli replied on behalf of the Commission on 27/6/2012 stating:

"The Commission is not aware of the type of abuses mentioned by the Honourable Memberand has not receive any evidence of possible health problems related to such practice in the EU.

According to Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (1), animal welfare is to be taken into consideration only in areas where the treatment of animals may interfere with some EU policies, like agriculture or the internal market.

Therefore, this matter remains under the sole competence of the Member States."

A second question was placed by Kay Swinburne (ECR) on 29/5/2012 as follows:

"It has been brought to my attention that bestiality is still legal in a number of EU Member States. It has been reported that a number of ‘bestiality brothels’ exist in Germany (1), despite the distribution of animal pornography being punishable by law.

Given that the EU has been very vocal on animal welfare issues, it would seem appropriate for the EU to intervene and introduce some common EU‐wide rules to illegalise bestiality and animal pornography and ensure that animals are adequately protected, as they are in my own Member State."

Answer given by Mr Dalli on behalf of the Commission (27 July 2012)

"The Commission is not aware of the type of abuses mentioned by the Honourable Member of the European Parliament.

According to Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (2), animal welfare is taken into consideration only in areas where the treatment of animals may interfere with some EU policies (3), like agriculture or internal market.

Therefore, this matter remains under the sole competence of the Member States."

When the European Parliament was served with two petition on 27/3/13 - the EU changed tack by at least no longer denying the problem: In the Commission reply, on 27 March 2013 the EU simply washed its hands of the issue and stated:

"... certain topics of animal protection remain under the responsibility of the Member States (e.g... bestiality...)."

Given the distasteful nature of the topic - it is little wonder the issue is rarely debated publicly. In the absence of public scrutiny there are many examples of animals being severely injured (thus requiring veterinary attention), contracting sexually transmitted infectionsand even being killed during the course of the expression of this "sexual preference disorder".

On the basis of these facts, is it right that this deviant behaviour should go unchallenged within several member states within the EU?

Whilst the EU is not and should not be a "sexual/moral policeman" - there is enough evidence available to indicate animal welfare is seriously compromised by this sexually deviant behaviour happening within its borders. In addition, zoophilia represents a potential threat to human health.

Once again - it is clear the EU tolerates behaviour which directly harms sentient and defenceless animals but on this occasion it serves no legitimate aim or sensible purpose beyond indulging the sexual dysfunctions of a small number of individuals to the detriment of animals. Once again, we would argue the EU is exposed for displaying little or no moral leadership!

How can anyone argue that the welfare of animals is well served under the arrangements currently in place within the EU?

Sources of Information

Animal brothels are perfectly legal and
raping an animal carries no punishment

IceNews from 20 May, 2008

Laws in both Denmark and Norway are fairly open when it comes to a person’s legal right to engage in sexual activity with an animal. The law states that doing so is perfectly legal, so long as the animal involved does not suffer. According to the Danish newspaper 24timer, this interesting gap in the law has led to a flourishing business in which people pay in order to have sex with animals.

On the internet, several Danish animal owners openly advertise their services. The newspaper contacted several such individuals and was told that many of the animals have been engaged in this kind of activity for several years and that the animals crave the sexual stimulation. The newspaper found that the cost charged by the animal owners varied from DKK 500 to 1,000 (USD$85 to $170).

Since Danish laws are so similar to Norwegian laws, the animal bordello phenomenon has led many to question if such a practice could be legal in Norway as well.

Torunn Knaevelsrud is the section chief for animal welfare for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. “It is difficult to say yes or no,” he replied to a question about the legality of animal bordellos in Norway.

“It could be that the animals don’t really care,” Knaevelsrud said. “But I think it is in the nature of the case that animals will often be victims of injury, stress or suffering in connection with sexual acts with humans. Either that they are held fast, or frightened, or suffer pain or physical injury,” Knaevelsrud said.

Norway is currently reviewing its Animal Protection Act and several groups, including the Norwegian Animal Welfare Alliance, have proposed making amendments which forbid sexual intercourse with animals.

“The acts provoke moral disgust. The question is whether immorality should be made illegal. The FSA group discussing the new animal protection act has been in disagreement about this,” Knaevelsrud said.

One of the owners of an animal bordello in Denmark said that many of his clients come from abroad and travel some distance for his services. “But the clients tell us that it is much simpler to buy animal sex in Denmark than in their own country,” the owner said, explaining that many of his clients come from Norway, Sweden, Holland and Germany.


ON 1st of September, 2012, Danish activists demonstrated
against animal brothels in their country

Legal Actions for Animal Rights
Denmark is planning to ban bestiality after long-running international pressure
over animal welfare!

VICTORY! Denmark is planning to ban bestiality after long-running international pressure over animal welfare!

Denmark is one of the few European countries which still allows bestiality. Norway, Sweden and Germany have all banned the practice, leading to a rise in the underground animal sex tourism in Denmark.

Minister of Food and Agriculture Dan Jørgensen, who is planning an amendment to the Animal Welfare Act for next year, said to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet: “I have decided that we should ban sex with animals.”

He indicated the damage done to Denmark’s reputation by allowing animal sex was a factor in his decision, but added: “The most important is that in the vast majority of cases it is an attack against the animals.

“And under all circumstances, any doubts about it should go to the animals’ benefit. They naturally cannot say no to going along with it,” the Danish minister said.

A recent Gallup poll revealed 76 per cent of Danes supported a ban on the legality of animal sex.

Although the amendment was already tabled by Denmark's government, Mr Jørgensen's comments are an explicit indication the change will specifically include the banning of bestiality.

However, the decision by Mr Jørgensen has been labelled unnecessary by animal ethics committee president Bengt Holst.

Mr Holst argues the law already protects animals, as existing legislation prohibits animal suffering, pain, distress or lasting harm.

Ethics committee president Holst claims that the Animal Welfare Act accounts for animals’ protection, adding it was not the position of the Animal Ethics Council to moralise.

Mr Holst heads the 12-strong committee, who are appointed by the Ministry of Food on the advice of animal welfare organisations, farmers’ groups and the Danish Consumer Council.

A recent VICE documentary followed zoophiles who argued they were not harming the animals, and animal rights campaigners who have been working towards ensuring the practice is made illegal.

The Rape of Sincan

March 2011 - This dog has been raped and killed behind the Mayor's Office

There is nothing strange about finding a raped dog in Turkey. It happens everywhere and you only have to spend some time on Facebook to discover many many cases, sometimes on a daily basis.

But this case is a little different. The end result is the same, a dog is raped by a human and is killed afterwards... what is different is the LOCATION of the crime.

The rape took place right behind the building of the Sincan Municipality in Ankara.

A few meters away from a building constantly surveiled by security, a dog is being raped, her screams are loud, can be heard from the distance... But nobody did anything...

We have named her Luna.

For the last few days this beautiful dog has become known all around the world as the Dog Raped in Sincan... She deserved better. She deserved a name.

Here is to you, beautiful Luna. No-one bothered giving you a home, a pervert took your life away in the most horrendous manner.

Giving you a name and showing the world how beautiful you were when you were alive was the least we could do.

The world cries for you... well... maybe not the whole world... certainly the Sincan Municipality has no tears for Luna. The discovery of her broken body didn't bring sadness but shame to the municipality and they did what each and every single Turkish municipality has ever done whenever we have uncovered one of such cases: Deny and Attack.
post by LET's ADOPT! GLOBAL - March 25, 2011
Dog raped in the bathroom of a gas station

has started a petition that is addressed to the public prosectur Cruz Alta/RS, calling for severe punishment of the abuser who is still in liberty while awaiting his process.

Pony, the Orangutan prostitute

Deutschland / Germany
Verschwiegenes TierLeid
Sexueller Missbrauch an Tieren

Um es zu begreifen, muss man es mindestens zweimal lesen: Sexuelle Handlungen von Menschen mit Tieren sind in Deutschland nicht verboten.

Seit 1969 kann jeder seine persönlichen sexuellen Neigungen und Bedürfnisse durch ein Tier befriedigen, ohne mit strafrechtlichen Konsequenzen rechnen zu müssen. Ob hinter der geschlossenen Stalltür oder in den eigenen vier Wänden, allein oder zusammen mit anderen Gleichgesinnten, das betroffene Tier ist rechtlich ungeschützt. Denn das Recht des Tieres beginnt heute erst dort, wo der Mensch durch seine Handlungen dem Tier erhebliche Schmerzen, Leiden oder Schäden zufügt. Sind bedeutsame körperliche Verletzungen weder feststellbar noch beweisbar, so liegt kein Verstoß gegen das Tierschutzgesetz vor. Die sexuelle Handlung selbst kann nach dem Grundsatz "Keine Strafe ohne Gesetz" nicht geahndet werden.

Entspricht dieses geltende Tierschutzgesetz, das sich allein auf die Beweisbarkeit negativer körperlicher Folgen stützt, tatsächlich einem verantwortungsbewussten Tierschutz?

Sind sexuelle Handlungen des Menschen wirklich kein sexueller Missbrauch des Tieres, vor dem jedes einzelne Tier rechtlich geschützt werden muss?

Das deutsche Sexualstrafrecht schützt die sexuelle Selbstbestimmung des Menschen als nicht entziehbares Menschenrecht. Doch bestimmte Tiere sind zu begehrten Sexual- und Lustobjekten geworden, ohne ihnen ebenfalls einen angemessenen tierrechtsorientierten Schutz gesetzlich zu garantieren.

Hinter den Begriffen "Zoophilie" und „Bestialität“ verbirgt sich das Ausleben sexueller Bedürfnisse am unzureichend geschützten und in Abhängigkeit lebenden Tier.


Bestiality brothels spur call for animal sex ban

The Local
Germany to ban bestiality
under animal welfare law

Agriculture minister to outlaw 'inappropriate' sexual acts as zoophiles threaten legal action

November 27, 2012

Germany is to introduce a ban on bestiality with a revision of animal welfare law that will reverse a decision in 1969 to legalise zoophilia.

Animal rights groups have called for the practice to be recognised as animal defilement and rape, using dramatic photographs of animals being cruelly treated by humans for sexual purposes to put pressure on the German government.

Zoophiles, or those who practise bestiality, argue that they treat animals as equals and never force them to do anything against their will.

"We are going to take legal action to fight this," said Michael Kiok, chairman of the pressure group Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information (Zeta), which has about 100 members. "Central to the beliefs of zoophiles is that we don't do anything that the animal doesn't want. We do not treat them cruelly. An animal is quite capable of showing precisely what it wants and does not want. When I look at my dog I know immediately what it wants. Animals are much easier to understand than women," he said.

The centre-right government of Angela Merkel, which has shaped the law change, said key to the new legislation was recognising that sex with humans was "inappropriate" for animals. According to Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of the parliamentary agricultural committee which will discuss the law on Wednesday before a final vote in the Bundestag on 14 December, animals should not be used "for personal sexual activities or made available to third parties for sexual activities … thereby forcing them to behave in ways that are inappropriate to their species".

Animal rights' campaigners welcomed the ban, but said it was being used to divert attention from more widespread and pressing animal rights issues. "We welcome the new amendment (to the law) to ban sodomy," said Thomas Schröder, president of the German Animal Welfare Association (DTSB). "But this achievement in the animal welfare struggle cannot be used as an excuse to conceal other urgent animal rights questions".

Agriculture minister Ilse Aigner was said to have introduced the amendment to appease animal rights campaigners angry that more is not being done to tackle perceived animal rights abuses in the agricultural industry. Campaigners wants bans on cutting off piglets' tails, and the castration of piglets and branding of horses without anaesthesia. In the end Aigner has affected a change only on the issue of castration, but not until 2018, when the practice will only be allowed to be carried out under local anaesthetic.

Kiok, 52, a university librarian from Münster, southern Germany, who lives with his 8½-year-old Alsatian called Cessie in what he calls a relationship, said zoophiles had been "put on the sacrificial altar of a lazy compromise". Estimating there are about 100,000 active zoophiles in Germany, he said the group remained deeply misunderstood. "We don't have anything to do with people who abuse animals," he said. "We only want what's best for the animal. "It cannot be that the mutually gratifying sexual contact between human and animal is forbidden because it's unfavourable to the species, but the abuse of animals in the agricultural industry continues."

He said he had received death threats from campaigners who were threatening to remove his dog. The protesters posted on Facebook that they had the addresses of 800 zoophiles and would campaign to have their pets taken from them.

Koik said he had been through years of therapy and despair due to his zoophilia, only discovering on the internet the "huge number of zoophiles, especially in the US," he said. "It was a relief to feel I wasn't a monster as I'd heard for much of my life," he said.

Source: The Guardian
‘Zoophiles‘ vow fight
after Germany re-bans bestiality

The Globe and Mail - December 14, 2012

Michael Kiok knows that people despise him.

He has got into trouble at work over his sexual views and a legal change in his native Germany is about to make him a criminal. His long-term partner could be removed from their home. But he won’t stop speaking up over what he sees as a civil-rights issue.

“The actions of society are nearly the same as they were against homosexuals 30 years ago,” he said earlier this week in a phone interview from his home in western Germany, near the Ruhr valley. “We are doing the same things homosexuals did – we go out in public, we show our faces. You have more fear and hatred of things you do not know.”

Mr. Kiok is a zoophile, the group’s preferred term for those whose love for animals extends to sexual relations, and the voice of a lobby effort struggling against the tide of public opinion.

In Germany they are failing. Late Thursday the Bundestag passed a tough new law against bestiality, which includes fines of up to 25,000 euros. The law, which is expected to be confirmed in February, is part of a trend that moves beyond Biblically rooted strictures against the “abomination” of the act to focus instead on the perceived damage to the animal.

“Sexual interaction is problematic because it can lead to harm and emotional disorder of animals,” Hans-Michael Goldmann, the head of the parliamentary committee pursuing the legal change, said in an email exchange before the vote. “It’s not proven that animals would enjoy sexual interaction with humans."

Mr. Kiok said Friday he was “disappointed and sad” but that they would fight on in court.

The 52-year-old could be open about his activities until now because his country dropped its prohibition on bestiality in the late 1960s, part of a shift away from morality-based law. Since then, the act could be prosecuted only under cruelty laws and only if it caused “significant” physical harm to the animal.

That allowed Mr. Kiok to become the rare public face of a community that in many countries -- including Canada, which specifies a sentence of up to 10 years for bestiality -- tends to be seen only when they land in the criminal justice system.

He tells of how he underwent years of therapy to try to quell urges that date to childhood and engages in philosophical discussion about consent. He freely describes his 8 1/2 year relationship with an Alsatian named Cessie but says they don’t have penetrative sex, because “she doesn’t like it.” He insists no harm is done by his actions and that laws shouldn’t be based on people’s squeamishness.

The number of people who have sexual relations with animals is difficult to quantify.

The famous Kinsey reports – whose methodology have been roundly criticized – found in the 1940s that 8 per cent of men and 5 per cent of women had some sort of sexual contact with animals, numbers which rose dramatically among rural residents. Research in the 1970s put the incidence at 5 per cent among men and 1.9 per cent among women, a drop the author ascribed to a reduction in the number of people living on farms. The numbers are generally thought to be artificially low because of society’s prohibition on admitting such an act.

“The taboo on sex with animals may … have originated as part of a broader rejection of non-reproductive sex,” wrote philosopher Peter Singer in a famous essay. “But the vehemence with which this prohibition continues to be held, its persistence while other non-reproductive sexual acts have become acceptable, suggests that there is another powerful force at work: our desire to differentiate ourselves, erotically and in every other way, from animals.”

Mr. Kiok’s group believes there are 100,000 people in the Germany community.

The anti-zoophile lobby in Germany agrees that bestiality is widespread and argues that the harm is vast. They insist that hundreds of thousands of animals are seriously injured every year through sex and that animals are pimped to paying customers.

These claims are scoffed at by Mr. Kiok. He says that consent is not legally relevant, because animals are deemed property, but that animals are quite capable of making clear if they are not interested . He stressed that coercion is at odds with zoophile principles and says he has seen no evidence of animal brothels.

Germany’s legal change follows a sustained pressure campaign from animal rights activists who say the act is inherently abusive and that it needs to be banned in the dwindling handful of European countries in which it is allowed.

“Sexual abuse of animals is one of the most trivial and obscene expressions of human behaviour, one of the sickest practices that can be thought of and we believe it is truly deplorable that there are no EU-laws in place that prohibit and severely punish such sadistic behavior in order to protect defenseless animals,” reads one petition.

This approach has been seen elsewhere. In a paper titled “The Unjustified Prohibition Against Bestiality,” U.S. lawyer Michael Roberts noted that the act was effectively decriminalized in the United States after the Second World War. In 2001, though, two dozen states made the act a felony, a move he says was driven in part by “a rise in animal rights activism.”

But critics of the new approach say that the act need not involve violence or injury.

“Non-zoophiles tend to regard zoophilia as a one-sided abusive activity engaged in by perverts strictly for their own benefit, which is to say, as a form of rape,” Brian Cutteridge, a British Columbia resident who received a suspended sentence after pleading guilty this year to bestiality, acknowledged in a message to The Globe. He insists, though, that that he didn’t hurt any animals and that his constitutional right to equality is being ignored.

“Laws prohibiting zoophilia are enforced even in the absence of any discernible harm to the animal,” he argues. “Animal sexual autonomy is regularly violated for human financial gain through procedures such as [artificial insemination]. Such procedures are probably more disturbing physically and psychologically than an act of zoophilia would be, yet the issue of consent on the part of the animal is never raised.”

Others make a blunter point.

“The accusation ‘that a dog who licks peanut butter off your hand is getting a treat, while the same dog licking peanut butter off [your genitals] is being sexually abused’ is absurd,” C. Queen argues in Talking with Animals, according to sex therapist Hani Miletski, who cites her in the book “Understanding Bestiality and Zoophilia.”

Mr. Kiok says they will take their fight to the European Court of Human Rights if they fail in the German courts. But he acknowledges that fundraising is an issue.

“It’s not like we can stand in the street asking for donations,” he said. “It’s not easy to get money from people who hate you.”

Source: The Globe and Mail
Thank you note
We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the author of this article - the journalist Oliver Moore - for having linked our petition to the EU.

Many many thanks!

The New York Times

BERLIN — Germany’s upper house of Parliament, the Bundesrat, voted Friday to criminalize for the first time “using an animal for personal sexual activities” and to punish offenders with fines of as much as $34,000 (€ 25,000). It was the final legislative hurdle for a bill the lower house passed in December.

The vote follows months of debate that pitted zoophiles against animal rights and protection advocates. Sexual mores seemed not to play a paramount role.

The ban, which carries only a misdemeanor charge, is an amendment to the country’s animal protection law, multifaceted legislation that, among other things, regulates animal testing and the sale of animals and prohibits animal abuse, including “using an animal for personal sexual activities or making them available to third parties for sexual activities and thereby forcing them to behave in ways that are inappropriate to their species.”

Zoophiles argue that their relationships with their pets, or “partners” as they prefer, are entirely mutual. Michael Kiok, a director of the advocacy group Zoophilic Engagement for Tolerance and Enlightenment, who now finds himself the de facto face of zoophilia in Germany, says animals are perfectly capable of expressing whether or not they desire sex.

Animal-rights groups have criticized men like Mr. Kiok, saying they put defenseless creatures in harm’s way.

But David Zimmermann, an animal caretaker who is also a director of the zoophilic group, said: “It’s a sexual aspect that is entirely foreign to most people. They just see a man and think, ‘What terrible things is he doing to that dog?’ ”

Mr. Zimmermann had a Great Dane with which he occasionally had sex, but it died four months ago, he said. Now he lives with his similarly zoophilic boyfriend and their Dalmatian.

“For me she’s just a good friend that I care about very, very much — there’s no sex,” Mr. Zimmermann said after a recent screening here of a documentary-style film on zoophilia that depicted fictitious characters like a pornography star with sexual feelings for cats and a butcher who fell in love with a pig.

The film was shown in a stuffy cinema in downtown Berlin that resembled a school classroom more than a movie theater, with rows of foldable chairs and a projector screen. It delved into a more philosophical side of the debate, with its view that it is hypocritical to denounce romantic relationships with animals while largely ignoring the existence of slaughterhouses or fur coats.

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The petition letter

Bestiality is a worldwide occurrence and Europe is not free from it.

In some countries members of the European Union raping an animal carries no punishment, and in Denmark it is even perfectly legal to run animal brothels. Although the legality of bestiality has been questioned on a number of occasions, a Danish parliament majority believes that it is not necessary to ban sex with animals. The fact that defenseless animals can be legally raped in Denmark in a thriving business where their owners profit from inflicting pain, stress, fear and even death on animals, is a disgrace to the entire country, to say the least.

In Germany the law making it a crime (§175b StGB) was removed in 1969. Bestiality is legal in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, and Sweden where it was formerly illegal, but made legal in 1994. In some countries, sex with animals is legal as long as long as no physical harm is made to the animal, but it is in the nature of the case that animals are often victims of injury, stress and suffering in connection with sexual acts with humans.

While the world looks upon Europe and especially upon the EU as a model in terms of civilization, a simple search on the internet about animal rape cases that had been reported in Europe - ranging from raped dogs to horses - brings many shocking search results. But the reported cases are just the tip of the iceberg - the number of animals that are regularly being raped by their owners, be it at home or in so called animal bordellos, being unknown. The suffering of these animals goes on behind closed doors, largely ignored because of its shameful nature and as it seems, even by our politicians who fail to address the problem and to create laws that protect animals from this kind of abuse. Because abuse it is. Photos of small animals killed miserably during rape are abundant on the internet.

Sexual abuse of animals is one of the most trivial and obscene expressions of human behavior, one of the sickest practices that can be thought of and we believe it is truly deplorable that there are no EU-laws in place that prohibit and severely punish such sadistic behavior in order to protect defenseless animals.

The undersigned of this petition are calling for an EU wide ban on bestiality, including a ban on zoophilia pornography, making both a punishable crime against animals under EU wide laws.
By signing this petition the above message will be sent instantly to the Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the European Parliament, Mrs Erminia Mazzoni.

The adage that there is strength in numbers holds especially true when it comes to petitions, be it to the EU or other relevant authority. Please add your voice to those of growing numbers of compassionate people from around the world, and let's make a difference!

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