Ramadi Falls To ISIS

Kunal Biswas

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May 26, 2010
Ramadi Falls To ISIS

Although freshly-trained and heavily-armed with advanced American weaponry, armored vehicles, and supported by an international coalition of incredible air power, the cowardly Iraqi Army has once again tucked its tail and fled in the face of the unorganized, untrained Islamic State horde, losing Ramadi.

Rather than come up with any kind of comprehensive tactical plan to eliminate these B-team savages, the Obama Administration and Pentagon have come up with a two-part public relations measure.The first part of that measure is to send more weapons to the Iraqi Army… you know, the guys who just ditched all of their new equipment and fled Ramadi. Let’s give them more. Meanwhile, the Kurdish Peshmerga, the ones who are actually up to the challenge of fighting ISIS, are being sent home because they are receiving no weapons or ammo with which to train or fight, because the impotent Iraqi government fears their strength.

The second part of Washington’s strategy is to censor America’s news media, because perception is reality. Washington officials have requested that news outlets stop showing last year’s B-roll footage of ISIS rolling in tanks and operating conventionally during daylight because, “It’s inaccurate.” Okay? So, rather than formulating an actual plan to kill ISIS, their strategy is just to make Americans perceive that we are. In fact, Brigadier General Weidley, Chief of Staff for CJTF-OIR claimed that ISIS was on the “defensive,” at the exact moment they claimed victory in Ramadi.

I guess, technically, he’s not wrong, considering that ISIS is in control of the capital of Anbar province, the Baiji oil refinery, and Mosul, which is the second most populated city in Iraq. What exactly do they need to go on the offensive for if they own all of that turf? So ISIS isn’t rolling around in tanks anymore and doing parades. That doesn’t mean they’re losing, they’re still gaining ground. It just means that the air campaign is past its peak of effectiveness. There are no more obvious conventional targets waiting for missiles and bombs, because ISIS went underground, doing what Jihadists do best… insurgency. The West needs to enact a new phase of this campaign, now.

Unfortunately for the mostly Sunni people of Anbar, the Iranian-led Shia militias are about to be sicked on the region, because there’s not really another option at this point. Although, the militias demonstrated some effectiveness in and around Tikrit, it wasn’t without a plague of sectarian murder, theft, and destructive atrocities, reflective of the Islamic State degenerates they were sent in to destroy. ~Will


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