Pakistan Army inducts new Dongfeng Menshi armored vehicles for counter-terrorism operations


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Oct 20, 2015
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According to a tweet from The Intel Consortium echoed by Salman Ahmed in, the Pakistan Army has acquired around 300 Chinese-made DongFeng Mengshi GEN-III CSK-182 4×4 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC). Their deliveries started in 2021.

This vehicle was selected as the next-generation tactical vehicle of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in 2017. Specialized variants are also available other than standard APC configuration: battlefield ambulance, signals/electronic intelligence, command & control vehicle, a platform for heavy weapons like a rocket launcher or an ATGM launcher.

Dongfeng Mengshi is a family of 4×4 MRAP/off-road vehicles developed by Dongfeng Motor Group. Early generations of the vehicle are license-built Hummer H1, while later generations of the vehicles are of indigenous design. Dongfeng Mengshi generally follows the trend of American military requirements. For example, CSK-141 is the Chinese equivalent of an armor-plated reinforced Humvee, while CSK-181 is the Chinese equivalent of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

The Mengshi CSK-182 has a top speed of 120 km/h and an autonomy of 600 kilometers. It weighs around 8 tons. CSK-181 is the new generation of a light tactical vehicle developed by Dongfeng for PLA. CSK-181 is based on CSK-141 with a driver, a weapon station operator as co-driver, and 8 seats. The variant has improved satellite communication capability, longer-range night-vision cameras and most importantly, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protection capability. All CSK-181 are equipped with a remote-controlled turret, which can be mounted with machine guns, anti-tank missile and grenade launchers. The vehicle entered service in 2020. CSK-182 is the shorter version of CSK-181 with 6 seats including a driver and a weapon station operator. It's based on EQ2111.

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