Pakistan Army : Few Observations


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Nov 21, 2016
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Today I stumbled upon the much vaunted documentary series "We are soldiers" by Wajahat S Khan. So I observed a few things that I thought I should share.

About the documentary itself, it was mostly good but cut scenes of hollywood movies and music which I am pretty sure was composed by a college kid were major turnoffs.

Training : It started out good with impressive performance on the obstacle course but went downhill very quickly. Now I am certain that the disastrous performance of PA in built up areas can be credited to its weird and comical urban warfare training. It came straight out of the Call of Duty series and looked equally ineffective.

Weapon systems : Something I never realized is that how crappy PA G3 actually is. Its heavy at 4.4 kgs and has an underwhelming range of 300m and jams every 5 or 6 rounds in negative degree temperatures.

Organization and Firepower : One of the things that always "skips" the minds of desi reporters is the unit organization. A PA infantry section follows the same structure as IA had in the 90s. A section here consists of the assault team of 7 men (1 SMG + 6 Rifles) and support team of 3 (1 MG). IA had moved on from this to a vastly improved setup as far as the firepower is concerned.

Religion : A footage of 1980s has shown the transformation of PA to an Islamic Army. Chanting Allah Allah is now an integral part of the training of new recruits in Pakistan Navy.

Special Forces : SSG(N) looked well trained and as shabbily equipped as their Indian counterparts were in the late 2000s.

Random : One thing is certain, junior Paki officers can't speak English. The usually trumpeted "We were once the same army" does not hold any water today. This was in contrast to the senior officers, both serving as well as the ones who have retired decades ago.

I have never met a single Indian Army officer with such terrible English language skills. It wouldn't be wrong to assume that the education system in Pakistan is in the toilet.

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