Pakistan and the failed Islamist foreign policy


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Sep 25, 2019
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Hi everyone I like to talk about the Pakistanis and their so called foreign Islamist policy which is lead their country to this current failed statue

The pakis have conflict between directing their foreign policy on the bases of national interests of nation state or of that global islamist ideology

The reason why there Islamist foreign policy is going to make trouble for them is that they try to make their conflict with India is about Islam while in reality many Muslim nations have a normal diplomatic relations with India also their love to turkey and sleeping in bed with the Chinese caused many troubles for them are they gonna choose the national interests and continue their relationship with China or they gonna choose the Islamist ideology and condem China?! And that’s where they have to choose between relations based on religion vs relations based on national interests.

The pakis claim they are defenders of Muslims when it comes to Palestine and kashmir but when it comes to Afghanistan or China they go with the dead mode also the Pakis don’t have problem when their regime kills the Muslims in Baluch areas and in bengladesh or when their Saudi masters killing Yemenis and their Turkish friends killing Kurds or when their Chinese ally kills uyghurs but they go to super Dayan mode when Israel kills Palestinians also they are ok with America droning Afghanistan and some paki areas you don’t hear their barking

The pakis are in deep trouble with their so called hypocrite umma policy


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Jul 12, 2014
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was checking baby bhutto's twitter time line, almost all their bilaterals in NY at UN sidelines are with islamic countries + UN. only exceptions are belarus and SL.

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