Operation Obsidion hunter


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Aug 13, 2016

A prequel to Op Mahakal Operation Obsidian Hunter takes place in a India Reeling from a massive Blue on Blue attack from inside the Most Elite Divisions of the Indian Security Establishment as India launches a counter attack on the opposition things are set in motion to bring our favorite charters to gather to face this evil incarnate

That will take them on an International tour No one imagined and expose them to the rot that has set in within the country Will they succeed??

Welcome to the dark world of The Obsidian Hunters


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Aug 13, 2016

1. From Military To civilian

2. Delhi Goes crimson

3. Institute for General Security Studies and Observations

4. Work pressure

5. Hunting in badlands

6. Friends In places

7. Planning in jail???

8. Operation nammaz e Janza

9. The Indian Tour of Pakistan 2023

10. Threats and placations

11. Project Obsidian

12. Spring cleaning in the Capital

13. Operation Red obsidian

14. Project Unification

15. Rivers of blood

16. Hunted bird

17. Revenge noting more nothing less

18. Attack at amaranth

19. Rise of Mahakal

20. Epilogue


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Aug 13, 2016
Chapter 1. Delhi Goes crimson

Major Aditya Kumar Kao was walking towards his office at the Delhi Cantonment he was posted with the 5th Military Intelligence Battalion as its CO

But today he had No time to admire things around him he had to rush there was a massive attack on Delhi just yesterday

A group of 30 tangos had stormed the International Airport and had carried out a massive shoot and pray attack that had not only damaged the Reputation of India around the world but also had made India the point of reticule around the world

The carnage was 10 times more than 26/11 and what made it even worse were the Rumors on the Intel net that it was a blue on green attack that was a very disturbing premise for Aditya

Whoever planned this had inside knowledge of the systems and Standard Operating Procedures in place he was sure that an Investigation and a counter would be ordered but still there was

Work to do as he reached the FIU map room he asked his second in command Lt raghav Kapoor for a heads up

As the young Lt was explaining the happenings something clicked in the vile major’s head the Media the Media he quickly turned to the Young Lt and said to him Rags Aditya was notorious for short names

Give me a casualty time line will you the Young Lt swilled on his chair and got to work

And in a minutes time he bought out the times at which the max casualty occurred

Most of them had happened like in times of Max Media Coverage or MMC as it was called

“ Media and the so called Freedom of expression would be the death of this country the major thought”

As he was bought out of his thought by his Lt by telling him that he had a phone

Neither he nor His Lt were able to comprehend what was to happen next would change his Life in ways he also never thought possible

As Adi took the Phone the Voice on the other side said

Major you are requested to come to the HQ immediately

Before he could counter the Phone went dead but it did not matter to him

This was how it was in the Forces just obey No counters unless warranted

As he made his way through the streets of Lutyen’s Delhi he sneered in absolute dis contempt at the Media that gathered near south block

As he exited the staff car and made his way to the colonial splendor that was the south block he was escorted to the NER a top secret situation room within the sectratiect

As he entered the room he saw that the whole cabinet was present

But his eyes were drawn to one man the PM of India the Honrable Galabia deodar Patel

As he Turned Aditya was taken aback by the bloodshot eyes that Begged for sleep he thought of a deluge from a game he used to love when he was still a boy

And spoke it in his mind “Woods you look like Hammered Shit”

As he thought about this the PM spoke to him in his Gujarati Tainted English “so You missed a Big one Am I right major ?”

To which Aditya could only manage a Curt yes

After which the PM turned his attention to the Television set and breathed a sigh of relief

As the smartly dressed News reader told the nation that the sleigh was over and all the tangos have been defeated

The PM turned to the Military personnel in the room and addressed

“Gentlemen we are Going hunting prepare yourself and kiss your Loved Ones good bye because some Might not come back but I want blood and the Perpetrators heads “

After this power packed pep talk the PM and the Group made their way out

As luck would have it Aditya was closest to the PM and the PM turned to him with a predatory gilt and asked “Say what do you think about Hunting Dogs” as Aditya got the drift he answered “ well sir I would love to”

Neither of them knew it at the time but their conversation would become the corner stone for a response that no one would belive came from India


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Aug 13, 2016
Chapter 2 Institute for General Security Studies and Observations

In the Next few weeks the whole Indian security establishment was

Turned on its head the CCS had decide that It wanted in the words of the then Chairman Chief of Staff committee Air Marshal Jamsheedji samji Cyrus or better known in the services as that “OneGrimPilgrim” for his brooding and scholarly nature “ we sense the need of a sword as we already have a shield”

Which the CSS passed to the surprise of many “Political Pundits” very quickly

The Indians had announced the Creation of A joint Spec ops Command

And may other Tri service Unification Programs but UN known to the Media

This was all but a smoke screen for the real sword to be cast

The first step of which was to create an Officer Pool that was by definition “to be drawn From the Top 1% of all of the Union of India’s Armed Forces and CPF’s

This Unit was to a Top echelon QRF for the Indian Government

It was to have its own “Black Budget” and its own Tech wing whose budget would be included in this security budget the real kicker was that Like the US SOCOM the said Unit would not have any budgetary strings attached to it from the Civilian side

The Organization was split into

Group H: geographic and cultural studies

Group M: infiltration unit

Group L: air intelligence service

Group N: ally creation unit

Group G: - technical equipment

Group P: media analysis

Group i: radio communications

Group VI: “construction” service (a highly specialist Sabotage group)

Group VIID

No 1 Special Reconnaissance Unit

No 2 Special Cyber Service unit

1st Long Range Action Group (yama Dharama)

No. 3201 Air Commando

This also included a unit official described as 42nd Battalion this battalion was drawn on lines of the elite kidon unit of the MOSSAD the battalion also was trained like the UNIT 217 of the IDF and comprised of “ Highly trained people” every “History” that was related to the battalion was erased and was “cleaned” and designated “nonexistent” as for the official cover for all this

All this was placed under a Director General who was only answerable to the PM and the President of the union

It was given the name Institute for General Security Studies and Observations the cover was so complete that the “ Delhi institute” as it was known had an official office and all based in the diplomatic enclave of New Delhi it also had a club named the scholars joint at Travancore House in New Delhi’s Rulers row

It was also “curiously absent “from the preview of the RTI act

It was 7:49 pm as Major Aditya Kumar Kao was about to retire to his quarters for the night

He got an email surprisingly from the PMO he clicked the email icon and it Open

Sub- Futher studies

Dear Sri Aditya Kumar Kao,

You are here by transferred to the Group VII special Research Detachment of the newly created Institute for General Security Studies and Observations

On special Research on the express request of the PMO you shall be retired from service and transferred to the Institute effective tomorrow


Sri Raman Nair

Joint Sectary to the Government of India

Special Division PMO

Government of India


BCC: SDPMO / President’s Brief

Classification Level I secret

The very next day after being “jollied “ of his unit Aditya Kumar Kao joined the Institute for General Security Studies and Observations as a grade I researcher he would not know it at the time but this would change his profession for ever


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Jun 16, 2016
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Where is the first chapter ?

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