One iPod, one submarine= $96 million damage!


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Oct 5, 2009
One iPod, one submarine= $96 million damage!

"A US nuclear submarine rammed another ship causing nearly US$90million ($96.4 million) damage - while its navigator was listening to his iPod. The Sun reports sailors aboard the USS Hartford had also rigged up loudspeakers so they could play music on duty.Sonar operators and radio men were missing from their posts and others drove the attack sub while "with one hand on the controls and their shoes off", an official report said.
The report slammed the navigator, who was listening to his iPod in his cabin while revising for an exam at the time.
The captain, Commander Ryan Brookhart, was relieved of his duties after the US Navy found that more than 30 errors - including "an informal atmosphere" and "a weak command" - led to the "avoidable accident".
Fifteen sailors on the Hartford were injured when it hit the transport ship USS New Orleans in the Persian Gulf in March 2009.
Navy chiefs approved the huge $US87 million repair bill for the Hartford and another $US2.3 million for the New Orleans."

All i can say is Wow!

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