NSG meet steers clear of China-Pakistan nuke deal


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Jun 23, 2010
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NEW DELHI: In the end, the Nuclear Suppliers Group steered clear of two difficult subjects: the China-Pakistan nuclear deal and the US's efforts to sew up an agreement restricting transfers of enrichment and reprocessing technology to non-NPT compliant countries.

In an official statement the 46-member group observed that participating countries "continued to consider implementation" of civil nuclear cooperation with India. "It noted actions taken to adhere to the NSG guidelines and the voluntary commitments made by India."

According to sources, the China-Pakistan deal came up for a lot of discussion but it didn't make it as an agenda item, especially after the numerous questions to China failed to elicit any clear replies from Beijing.

However, Chinese nuclear companies have already reportedly signed agreements to build two new reactors in Pakistan, well before the NSG meet. NSG confined itself to calling for consultation and transparency in dealings with non-NSG states, an oblique reference to the Pakistan deal.

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