Norway's fish industry gets Chinese tech boost |


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Sep 25, 2009
China has delivered the first of six intelligent offshore fish farms to Norway's Kverva-based SalMar ASA.

"The second batch of orders for another five [intelligent offshore fish farm] units was sealed in April, with a combined value of more than $300 million."

Norway's fish industry gets Chinese boost |

"It is the world's first offshore salmon farming equipment built on the same principle as semisubmersible installations used in the offshore oil and gas drilling sector, according to Hu Wenming, chairman of CSIC.

Unlike traditional fish farming facilities, the ocean farm embodies advanced technologies including automatic fishing, hydrological monitoring, deep-sea positioning and biological light adjustment systems.

Ocean Farm 1 comprises a slack-anchored, semisubmersible and rigid structure with a high degree of stability. It is intended for offshore installation in waters at 100 to 300 meters in depth. All fish-handling operations can be performed on board, without recourse to external service vessels or equipment.

With a 25-year lifespan, the facility can resist powerful typhoons and is able to cultivate 1.5 million fish a year. It requires only three to seven employees to operate and ensures a fish death rate of fewer than 2 percent. It has more than 20,000 sensors and over 100 monitors and control units."


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