No need to worry about Russia


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Feb 16, 2009
No need to worry about Russia. With it, everything will be alright
(Independent Moldova, Moldova)by google translation In the last days of the year some of the ideologues of "Bessarabia Romania suddenly worry for the situation in Russia. In the riots that occurred 11 and 15 December, they saw signs of its disintegration. With ill-concealed satisfaction K. Tanase, for example, wrote ("Timpul", 21 December): "Inter-ethnic relations in Russia has always been and continue to bomb, no one knows when it will explode ... Russia could never manage a civilized these relations ... At the heart of the collapse of the Soviet Union were ethnic factors. Just as Czarist Russia, the current Russian Federation - is a multinational colossus ... " - Etc. In the same spirit.

Interestingly, when the UK rude football fans, the capital of France was paralyzed for several weeks due to mass demonstrations of migrants in the United States after the flood the whole city gets into the power of the pogrom, mass demonstrations rocked Greece and other countries - on the basis of these events, our "intellectuals" do not make far-reaching conclusions. Although all the mentioned (and not mentioned) episodes of unrest takes weeks or even months. In Moscow, police, without casualties and severe violence, organized to prevent possible massive attacks aggressively minded youth, just a few hours. Nevertheless, standards of requirements with which K. Tanase and his ilk stand towards Russia is extremely high.

Very much like M. Tanase, and fans of his work Moldovan society to impose a negative image of Russia's "terrible" and "terrible", which not on your nelly not deal with. But at the same time the same image to form in Moldova against the Russian and all those for whom the Russian culture and Russian language are intimate and family. Poprizhat them to impose a guilt complex, forcing silence, "do not hang out" with his opinion and, moreover, do not speak from a different perspective on the fate of Moldova. And it is not only and not a consequence of ordinary Russophobia. If it were only that.

Most likely, a more profound consideration. Russian component is at the forefront in the basis of Moldovan statehood and patriotism Moldovan. If the Moldovan, Russian, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Jews and all those who do not consider themselves "Bessarabian Romanians, disorient and demoralize, the foundation of an independent and sovereign Republic of Moldova, and so became unstable after years in power, AEI, will weaken further . Hence the talk of a "prison of peoples", the "lack of rights of nations," the failure, inability, and other nonsense that really has nothing to do with reality.

Russia was really in a difficult situation in the 90 years of the last century. The answer to the question of whether she can stand, I received in August 1999 in the mountains of Botlikh region of Dagestan on the outskirts of auls Agsalta, Rahat and Shodroda. Here, exhausted from the heat and swallowing the dust raised by a roar of artillery shells that are crushing the militants positions Basayev, I watched as tanks and paratroopers unit of the Russian army brought up for final blow. In those heady days of the Chechen rebels tried to break into Dagestan to attach it to his rebellious enclave and go out to sea. The hope was that the representatives of more than 40 nations and nationalities living in Dagestan, dissatisfied with their lives and the government, rebel against Moscow. Thus, the separatists had hoped to separate the North Caucasus from Russia and begun its disintegration. To the surprise of Basayev, Raduyev and other warlords, Dagestanis in unison were made to protect the integrity of Russia, not wanting to go into a dark religious slavery Wahhabis. The militants came across a response of the Russian army and fierce resistance from the local population. All the local men were recorded in the militia. Dagestani woman threw a column of Russian troops with flowers, soldiers handed out bread, food, water, cigarettes ...

His invasion of Dagestan separatists triggered the second Chechen campaign, which led to the elimination of bandit focus on the North Caucasus. August 1999 marked a turning point in the history of modern Russia. It was put an end to plans for its dismemberment and decay.

Russia has gone through a lot. She, like all countries in the world, has its challenges, its dark pages of history. In order not to wander in the darkness of ignorance, not to write nonsense and expose themselves to ridicule, to remember and learn the following facts.

1. Russian are the imperial nation. Along with English, French, Germans, Spaniards, Americans, in the near future - the Chinese. Not many people in the world receive such honor. Imperial or, in other words, a great nation, power, culture, civilization - these are the state and nation, which by virtue of their economic, political, military and cultural development ahead of other nations and peoples and spread its influence in the world. Thanks empires forward moves science, new technology. Empire can only spend huge funds for arts and culture development.

In the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, Russia today - a great story. It is no worse and probably better than the history of other great powers. It can and should be proud of, primarily because of merit and achievement to the world it is much more than mistakes, failures and shortcomings.

2. To enumerate some of these achievements, exploits, accomplishments, not enough space not only in this newspaper, but in many others. It is hardly possible to forget the fact that the policies of the Russian Empire in the Balkans in the XIX century, after the next account of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. on the world map appeared independent states of Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania. Later, due to the position of the Soviet Union after World War II borders of present states in the Balkans, and across Eastern Europe, acquired just such as now, rather than other shapes.

3. The Russian Empire, Soviet Union, Russia today gave the world the unique experience of a stable coexistence and prosperity of the various nations, nationalities and peoples in one state. It is not always the experience was only positive and bright. But that does not make it less useful, instructive and interesting.

Only a strong and confident the state is capable and can afford a federal structure, where it is based on ethnicity. Are there many countries in the world do you know? Throw accusations of failing to satisfy the interests of different nationalities federal state, while the vast majority of countries in Europe are unitary and are often unable to find common ground with one or two ethnic groups, at least not correctly. Disparate values, the level of understanding of problems and solutions.

4. Everybody knows the contribution of Russia - the Soviet Union in the development of Bessarabia and Moldova, especially in the 50-70-years of the last century, when the Soviet Moldavia in the Soviet Union, like many other Soviet Union republics, has experienced a real economic and cultural progress. Conjunctural textbooks compiled by far, politicized "specialists" in which those facts are ignored or portrayed in a distorted form, can not erase them from history

5. Moscow, along with London, Washington, Berlin, Paris and Beijing, which still remains one of the most important centers of influence in the world. However, Russia has an important advantage. It is his "pivotal period" has passed, and is currently being intensively developed. While the U.S. and Europe are on the verge of serious challenges.

Russia survived the catastrophe of 1991. She generously "released" the former Soviet republics. But, honestly, let's honestly answer the question: Do happier people are living in the newly independent states?

Sooner or later, an objective assessment of the role and place of Russia in the history of Moldova will be given. Just as this estimate is formed, predominantly fair and rewarding, in other states. With the passage of time have sunk into oblivion momentary resentment and misunderstanding. In memory of nations remains the main, important, defining events and results. Therefore, recently inaugurated a monument to the Russian Emperor Peter I in London. Worth more than a century monument to the Tsar Liberator Alexander II in Sofia. And it is a monument in the heart of Helsinki, for what has given the Finnish state language and has given Finland's autonomy, which at that time had no precedent in Europe.

There are in Paris area named Stalingrad, the names so in memory of a great battle on the Volga. The main avenue in Bucharest is named after the Russian general Pavel Kiselyov, Governor principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia in 1829-1834, respectively, for his outstanding contribution to the development of the Danubian principalities. In different countries, on all continents can be found a mighty trail of Russian civilization ...

Today, Russia is on the rise. It will solve the current problems. In general, worry about Russia is not necessary. With it, everything is in order.

But here's the world we must look wider and bigger, gentlemen! He not only painted in black and white colors. Inability to perceive it for what it is and the way you want to see it - a sign of political immaturity. We should get rid of it. If we are talking about an independent, sovereign state, which aspires to become a fully fledged member of Europe and the world.

Original publication: Independent Moldova

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