Next step for kashmir.


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Mar 9, 2009
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Hi friends.

As we all know we have taken a big decision and even a person like me who was anti modi policy have decided that till our beloved modi and shah are alive. My vote forever will go to them for center election.

Now coming back to topic.
1. We all know what's left is. Sending people from Haryana and Punjab to just be there we are enough for these clowns who are anti national. We are willing to sacrifice everything for our nation. They have no idea what they have got themselves into.
2. Now we must get rid of these so called gaddaar sepratist who were feeding off on our money.
3. We must arm Pakistani terrorist so they can keep busy bombing themselves instead of us.
4. We must keep Pakistani busy with loc sheling so we can keep the armed talibani enter safe in pakistan.
5. We must talk to usa. Who was always willing to get in to kashmir issue. Saying we have resolved our side now tell is how can u help get is pok.
6.we must keep our armed forces well equiped so that we are always ready for war.

Now i want to know what else can be done openly and diplomatically. So that we must ask our local politicians know so that they approach our govt for it.

And your inputs for what I said is wrong somewhere.

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