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Sep 22, 2012
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Special Assistant to the Pakistan Prime Minister on Health Zafar Mirza falsified the rumours suggesting the actual number of cases in Pakistan is a lot more than 5, when he spoke to reporters in Islamabad.

"The reports of the government hiding the total number of confirmed cases of the virus in Pakistan are 100 per cent false," Mirza said. "The government has also initiated a strategy to tackle the possible spread of dengue in Pakistan."

"Every little case of the common cough or flu should not be mistaken for the coronavirus," Zafar asserted. "If people get alarmed and concerned at every little illness, there will soon be a panic in the country.”

Mirza credited Pakistan's timely application of preventive measures to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

"Pakistan has thankfully managed to contain the pandemic to some extent because of the preventive measures put in place by the government. This is why we managed to contain the spread compared to other world nations."

"More than 200 people have been tested for the virus across Pakistan. Five were tested positive and their condition is improving by the day," he added.

While the situation is well in control at the moment, Zafar revealed that Pakistan have installed scanners at all airports and land ports to scan every person who is coming into the country. Admitting that the disease remains deadly, he assured that the Pakistan government is ready for all kind of emergency situations.

"Scanners have been installed at airports and land ports in the country for those coming from abroad," he said.

Mirza added that people should remain optimistic about the future. "We are ready for any kind of emergency," he affirmed.

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