NATO blocks transport of Russian Mig 29 to Serbia – Delivery in parts?


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NATO blocks transport of Russian Mig 29 to Serbia – Delivery in parts?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 18:40
It seems that Mig 29 aircrafts which Belgrade received from Moscow will have to be delivered in parts, as Romania and Bulgaria, both members of NATO, have not allowed overflights for Russian Mig 29 fighter jets, Serbian media reports on Wednesday.

On 29 March RT News reported, that Serbia is expected to take delivery of six Russian MiG-29 fighter jets in the coming weeks once all the paperwork is complete, the Serbian Defense ministry has said. Belgrade will receive the jets on extremely preferential terms, only paying for repairs and upgrades.

Military analyst Miroslav Lazanski said that aircrafts would have most likely already been delivered to Serbia if these two countries gave the right of overflights.

“It is not because of their will, but because of NATO. We are now negotiating with them so we do not have to disassemble the aircrafts and then transport them with transport aircrafts. Logical route for them is only over Romania and Bulgaria, because if they would go over Hungary, they would first have to go over Ukraine, which does not allow it. It would be much better and more spectacular if aircrafts came to us whole, so we could make a celebration, and secondly, if the aircrafts are disassembled, there are complications, only two can fit into large aircraft, transport is more expensive and everything is more complicated. The assembly would not be such a big problem because only wings are taken off,” said Lazanski for Serbian daily news “Alo!”.

Military analyst Vlade Radulovic is of similar opinion.

“We expect the aircrafts in the following period, but we are also witnesses that something is prolonged. There is no word here about the jealousy of Romanians and Bulgarians over the aircrafts we are receiving so that is the reason they forbade overflight. The fact is that Romania and Bulgaria are members of NATO, that is why decisions are made, respected and implemented. So, everything that happens is not about Serbia directly or these countries, this is direct confrontation between NATO and Russia.”

“We had similar situation with MI17 helicopters that we bought, and they arrived disassembled. We could assemble Mig aircrafts with supervision and assistance from Russians,” he said.

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