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Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia.Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and Islamabad is known as the world's second most beautiful capital city. Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan. World's more.

Pakistan was created only on the basis of religion and hate against India. The country can not be good if it is based on hate. Pakistani Government support groups like Taliban and LeT. Laden was residing near military area, and nobody was knowing it, How's it possible? Saeed Hafiz is worshiped as a Messiah in Pakistan. They don't have money to feed their citizens but to find against India. They beg to western world for money so that they can make more and more nuclear weapons. Their own created monsters (terror outfits) are now killing citizens of Pakistan. Every alternate day there is a blast in Pakistan. Thousands of people are dying every year. Now they are spreading venom of terrorism across the world.M+52

We do not worship HAFIZ SAEED we respect him. There will be only one Messiah but it's not Hafiz Saeed...M

Pakistan should be most hated country of the world. As myself Pakistani Muslim residing in Pakistan I can say it is the worst place in the world to live because here there is terrorism everywhere. There is suicide bombing at any place, bomb blasts anywhere and there is ethnic cleansing of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Ahmadis. Even Shia Muslims are also targeted. I wish India invade Pakistan and annex it and mingle Pakistan in India so at least we people have Progress and Peace like India. I will say creation of Pakistan is the biggest blunder of history of mankind. If Pakistan would not be there, world would be more secure and peaceful than today. I will say Pakistan is the terrorist industry of the world. I pray to Allah that Please India merge Pakistan in itself so we can rid of this daily violence, terrorism and bloodshed and world also get rid of terrorism, violence and bloodshed.M+40

It was the home of Osama bin Laden - need I add anything more. If I do, then here it goes - they have almost entirely wiped out their Hindu minorities, who were the original inhabitants of Pakistan (prior to the arrival of Islam), they fund terrorism across the entire world (from the US to Israel to India), they treat their women like dogs and the list goes on!

They were formed because they felt that Muslims cannot live with Hindus, but alas time has shown that Muslims cannot live with Muslims either (as evidenced by the creation of Bangladesh)!M+44

One guy said that our parent did not told us to shake hand... They taught us to give hugs. And people who hate their own country please change your nation and let us get rid of you people. We all are happy here. Even I have spend my childhood abroad but still I love my country.
Pakistan is not the story of poverty, bombing and corruption,
It have $ weathers, One of the bravest nation of world, it have a largest mine of salt, it is 7th nuclear power, it have and highest mountain, it have 8 of 20 highest peaks... Yes this is Pakistan,
Spread optimism about it instead of negativity.
And please don't use bad language, because by your speaking style it can be seen that what your parents have taught you.M+43

And IT Have you... Rubbish People// Correct your English first then comment here..M+1

Pakistan is a great country. If USA don't interfere in this country so its pace full country, people talk this is terrorism state but no body know terrarium start here when Pakistan support USA for Afghanistan war.M+47

I wish Pakistan does well. That way both India and Pakistan can focus on developing their countries - right now the west are extremely happy that our politicians channel funds towards military rather than other priorities.

As an Indian, I have a lot of Pakistani friends and I do wish them wellM+12

USA doesn't want to be there! Stop lying and using Allah name for your own agenda!M+3

Every country face ups and downs. But basically you can't judge it upon its down sides only. If you will see like this, considering when it got independent and through what it went it is a great country. People hating us because of the culture, because as they saying that we are not much educated and people which got little bit money moving abroad, forgetting their own culture and start pretending as the nation of other country only by acquiring a nationality of other country. Typical behaviour of stupid people, because once Pakistan achieve something those people start saying that see it's my country.
Anyways every country got it's own culture and if saying, Pakistan is one of the country that yet is sticking to it's culture not like other countries that ready to give up their family and everything for money and start behaving like dogs in order to get money capital.
And special words for America, how can you admire people and nation which speaks bad about it own self, who ...moreM+11

Disgusting nation always planning terrorist attacks on India. Good for nothing country, people live with fear, the caused havoc by planting bombs in India and killing thousands of poor people, but India - thanks to its patience, never sees Pakistan as its enemies. They always keep fighting claiming that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan, which is actually a state in India, to say, more precisely, it is the crown of our nation, how can we lose it with no reason? Pakistanis are really insane and don't know what is right and what is wrong.M+27

Racist morons, they hate just every race in the world, and they are obsessed with the China just like they were obsessed with USA before.

They criticize whole world for being against Islam or there country, while China who kills/prosecute Muslims the most in the world, they can't speak a word against them. So Pakistanis are truly retarded, illiterate too.

Not to talk about there baseless and highly backward country which has achieved nothing, nor anyone goes to Pakistan ever.. They are the industry of terrorism. They are wannabe arabs.

They act like they are the warriors, right now they are under attack by USA, Iran, etc, and they talk to overtake whole world.. Once again, very moronic people.M+33

It is a complete anarchy and a constitutional failure. The government's failed, the leaders have failed and the entire state is in complete chaos. It's just a namesake democracy. You don't even have freedom to express your thoughts and ideas freely lest you be thrown in prison or worse, shot. Blasphemy laws are extreme here. Minorities are forced to convert which in turn leads to most of them fleeing the country. Crimes against humanity are at an all time high too.

It is one of the world's biggest cradles for terrorism and corruption. Innocent civilians, caught up in Jihad and Islam die all the time. The country's in such a state now that even bomb blasts and suicide attackers have ceased to shock the world.
So, to sum it up, Pakistan = Basket case.
I rest my case.

I am Norwegian, and I have got to say that besides being rude, these "people" have nothing to offer nor contribute with: they are parasites that should be erased from the face of the Earth; a growing tumor in society. All they do is seek asylum here because "they had it so bad in their country", still, they try to create the same problems they fled from here. Gangs and welfare, that's the only thing they know. Rude, "better than others", filthy, stinky, ugly... you name it! Even India and Iran hates them - when Iran completes the fence it's building at the border, Pakistan will be the most fenced-in country in the world.M+22

Pakistan is undoubtedly THE worst country in the world. They simply don't deserve to exist and need to be wiped off the face of the globe. They are constantly exporting terror to India and the US and then cry victim. They're religious fanatics and extremists. It is almost impossible to live in this country if you aren't Muslim. The day isn't far when they'll be nuked by US, Israel and India.M+23

The only country with no glorious history except terrorism, Muslims people are killing other religious everyday destroying their temples. No rights or respect for women, women are using as birth machine to produce terrorists. People are jealous of neighbor countries development as well as government. No money for feeding or health or development but several money using for terrorism activities or killing innocent people. 50% people are handicapped here, no values of life totally sick, messed up country!M+14

A failed nation whose very foundation is laid on the fanatical whims of a disillusioned madman. The official sponsors of Global Terrorist Network, they are most racist and xenophobic then any other country on the planet. Pathetic, dirty stupid lot, living in some false glory with some crack witted half baked history propaganda. "THESE ARE THE FOLKS WHO HARBORED THE BIGGEST TERRORIST OF THE WORLD-BIN LADEN". No honor always living at the mercy and begging of others. Even their own Arab brethren despise them and treat them as bloody second class citizen. The only purpose of their existence is to KILL, KILL AND KILL. Kill and exterminate every Non-Muslims. Any country with such extremist background don't deserves to exists. And for sake, ask your filthy parasitic terrorist fellow Pakis to exit Europe. We don't want you here, terrorists scums.M+5

I cannot believe Pakistan is not number one, they are corrupt, greedy copy cats of USA. This terrible government has destroyed Afghanistan by helping the Taliban. I am strongly against the government and I hope they were in the state Afghanistan is in and Afghanistan was in a much better place. They are also liars. There is no difference between a terrorist and Pakistan because they are terrorists, they are responsible for so many bad things. They hosted terrorism against India. I hope Pakistan fails miserably in the modern world.M+10

They say they are Muslim. The idea of Pakistan was that they can live freely with their own religion. Now if you look at them. I don't see Islam anywhere. They are worst than 3rd class country I personally visited this hole as I am in French embassy. They say they are Muslim well. They drink alcohol, they do corruption their women walk half naked like no covering like we see in other Muslim countries. There Television is full of vulgarity they making vulgar movies half naked women dancing in their with Muslim names. So, they are against their own ideology they elect the most corrupt people as their leader. There nothing wrong with the land but people in this country is really Hypocrite and they are just the most liars I have ever seen in world. Fraud, corrupt and ass are very minor things to say to them.M+4

I like my country very because of it struggle in the freedom and by having tourists places and natural beauty and fine armed forcesM+24

HAHAAH What ever you say guys. If you give a good look to the list we are among the TOP Countries of the world. This is Human Behavior that they always hate those who have ability to do something good. Go get a Life guys. If we are terrorist then JAPAN USA NORTH KOREA SOUTH KOREA they all must be terrorist too.. Those who say that Pakistani Men are most arrogant so please why don't you stick around with your own guys... Long Live Pakistan and Pakistanis... Pakistan ZINDABADM+20

Belive me guys we Pakistani are the same as you guys and 85% of Pakistan is living in piece... Please guys belive me... The only problem is that our media had gotten too open, we live equally modren life compared to Turkey... We do have 40% illiteracy rate in our country but all this that you guys have heard from news its all manipulated and modified to there benefits... Pakistan had a small span of time in which it was attacked by terrorist but it is over...

I am also a pakistani but I love my country with my heart. Pakistan zindabadM+27

It is the permanent fault of the British Terrorist State, for dividing, racially-insulting, terrorizing, terrorizing, murdering, starving, enslaving, subjugating, threatening, exploiting, ruling, invading, colonizing, plundering India into poverty over a period of 200+ years and creating Pakistan in the first place.

What the permanently cancerous, arrogant, terrorist, sarcastic, bigoted and nefarious British always reap is what they always sow.

The British, should have stayed in their own evil country in the first place. They must remember they will always remain an uninvited, unwanted and ugly guest in every country in the world. The British have no friends and hate/detest/despize and demonize everyone who is not Anglo-Saxon and evil, prejudiced, intolerant, bigoted, inferior, and hatemongering like they always are.M+2

Pakistan is a very dirty and rude country. Muslims are here and for your information Muslims are terrioust. You would see children servants and children begging for money at the door. When you are out for a little bit your skin turns BLACK From the pollution. Everyday people are bathing in sewers, and their toilets?!? Are holes on the ground! Women are treated liked rubbish there, they are just stuck home getting nothing when men are off enjoying there life and ladies get no rights. These people are evil. They want to take over the worldM+7

The British are always forever hated more, because of their racism, colonialism and terrorism, against Pakistan (which used to be part of India). You British racist deluded and dumb bigots, are not clued up on your country's evil History and anti-immigrant/xenophobic views. Shame on you sad neo-Nazi Anglo-Saxon terrorist British parasites and that's coming from a proud Irish Republican.M+7

Yeah, pretty much anyone in the world, no matter where you're from, no matter what religion, race, creed, or ethnicity, you can agree Pakistan messed up along the way. And, I hate how the people say "don't hate us, hate our government" yet choose to be ruled by tyranny because the tyrant is Islamic and they just love Islam. It takes willing citizens for a government to work. If it was truly unbearable, people would revolt. But deep down, the government is a scapegoat. I should hate the government? Not when Pakistanis threaten and discriminate against Christians in their country with crucifixion. Yes, literal crucifixion! Christians are persecuted every day in Pakistan. Or how they want to invade India, which, I'm sorry, but the Hindus and Buddhists were there long before Muhammad was even born. You can't have India if you can't even take care of your own country. Or how about the constant threat to Jews? We get it, you're Muslim, but leave that to the Arabs. Israel is on the ...moreM+6

Its good to be competitive but Pakistan has always been very weirdly competitive with India. They very closely watch India and I think their national decisions are pretty much based on India's policies and how India does stuff. In fact, their nuclear program under Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was also in response to India's development of its nuclear program. I mean, come on, start focusing on more important issues that need to be resolved in your country which is now deemed as a "Failed State" and your economy is in gutter. When Mr. Narendra Modi visited USA, Pakistani media flooded with news about how India is growing on a Global level and they started comparing Pakistan with India. Huh! Grow up!

India has always tried to maintain friendly relationship with its neighboring countries for mutual benefits but Pakistan is a country which can never be trusted. Their prime minister visits India and at the same time their army violates the ceasefire at LoC.M+8

Um what the hell? I visited Pakistan 2 years ago for my cousins wedding and it was grand (people here make wedding a really big deal). I ate chicken with rice but there were a lot of other dishes to choose from. The deserts were delish too. I picked a green one (kinda the colour of almond ice cream) and it had these jellyish pieces which later turned out to be bottle gourd. We went to the zoo too. And I rode rides. It snowed a little too and me and my sister were so excited. There were no bombings and whatever the hell I've read in the above comments. But Pakistans government is corrupt and only wants money. They don't care about the poorer areas of Pakistan. Someone needs to obliterate them. There was a huge strike against the corrupt prime minister Nwaz Sharif but it had little effect on him. After I finish school I'm gonna destroy the government and use the money they build mansions for themselves with on the poor and needy. Who's with me?M+3


Pakistan is the best country in the world. And by the why people hate Muslims right. We'll they don't know what America is doing. Last year America was sending drones on children's schools in Pakistan. They don't want our country to be developed. What if you were in the school of innocent children and you were trapped between the rocks on which the drones were sent. I wish that you people were one of the fathers of the children in the building and you were hearing your son shout for help and other children too. And day by day the sounds faded away and there was another drone attack by America on the same school. How would you feel watching your son die before your own eyes.M

These people feel proud to be a violent race thus whole nation stinks badly, no culture, brother bangs sister, father bangs daughter, brother bangs brother, kills other religion guy for Blasphemy to grab their women, and blasts their own Mosques.History dismembered and at Present Terrorism is their Constitutional Right and Duty.M+7

Terrorist rogue nation, formed to establish an Islamic state, and kill all minorities, after partition they started killing and raping their own people. They also shielded Osama Bin Laden and support terrorism world wide, while their people flock like roaches to Europe and the USAM+3

After your death, according to your Karma, you go to one of the 2 places: Heaven or Pakistan!M+11

Pakistan should be the first country on this list of Most Hated Country of the World. It is the only country which can be dangerous to the existence of this world. This country allows & supports all the crooks, murders, terrorists to hide in their country, gives them official support, these people do not require any visas, passports to enter Pakistan.M

You are jealous from aur Pakistan you are only barking like dogs because you are very free people go and time pass on another thingsM

Once visited Pakistan. A filthy nation. People are so rude. I've been to China, Malaysia and Philippines out of all I felt so insecure in Pakistan though Pakistan was meant to be an Adventure trip. It scared me.M+5

It's a sick nation that needs to not just fight terrorists but also fight the sickness of its people. It needs to become more tolerant and hate everything non Islamic less.M+6

An Islamic terrorist country, where terrorists are made by their religion... Totally ruined, but full with weapons.. No future of this destroyed country because they are suckM+6

It is country defined as "I am not Indian" They need to merge and forget all this religious crap. They are just an angry people that created the Taliban.M+7

Most delusional nation in the world. How can a country be full of so many people who can't grasp the notion of being self-aware?M+8

Some Pakistani people are great, others however can be mean and snappy.. But majority are really nice and smart, I'm Indian and I can't bring myself to hate Pakistan, since I know some people are nice and some aren't.M+4

Pakistan is a modern say state nowadays I would not say that this country was supposed to be hated because it has developed from education to living style. Women wears jeans, normal clothing not any sort of extremist clothes like full body cover but some also wears bikini on beach it is becoming a modern Islamic country like Turkey in near future. Except kpk province all Pakistan is not extremist but are happy and peaceful people I would only blame Afghanistan because their illegal migration gets harmful for us.M

I'm extremely shocked why it is not 1st position!M+10

Pakistan have to be number one, they are terrorist facility, they hate every other country, they torture people, they will never accept their mistakes, they are disturbing peace in every neighboring nation.

Most important they are responsible or they have executed the horrendous massacre of Bangladesh.
Ban them as country if possible, no one should assist them with any help ever.
They are manipulative pigs.M+1

Because Pakistan has nasty people, lots of crowds, people throwing and very rudeM+8

Far too militarized and extremist on local levels. People fear one another across these borders and regions and both sides (India and Pakistan) feel the beautiful land of Kashmir is worth repeatedly killing for. Far too limited to see the big picture.M+1

Pakistan should be on number 1 this country stole kashmir from India and have made a very bad prestige of Islam because of this Islam is insulted oh my god the worst country everM+4

India, has no idea, that the racist/terrorist and illegal state of Israel could threaten the World, with Nuclear War. India is a dumb idiot of a corrupt nation to class Israel as their friend. Israel is NOT India's friend. Israel is a Terrorist State, with Nuclear Weapon's that will threaten African, Asian, and European Countries, including India and neighbor, Pakistan.M

People in Pakistan are very stupid so not only their government. fathers are killing their own kids honor killing what...M+6

India should be the first hated country in the world and also very stupidM

Most hypocrite nation of the world. They hided Osama bin Laden for 10 years. Home of terrorists. Government non-existent and military rules the country. This country lives on the help given by America. And still has 100 nuclear warheads.M+1

I don't care how bad the country is. I lived there for 10 years!
Violence and terrorism, but no one should EVER DISRESPECT THE RELIGION ISLAM.
Or otherwise go to hell. Ps Pakistan needs to improve!M+2

Its worse country ever... Supports terrorist... Denies the truth and always licking Ball's of USA and China...M+6

Great Britain, has murdered more innocent people, than Pakistan. Great Britain is a real, racist, economic, security, and terrorist threat to nearly all countries in the world.M+3

Most of the countries of the world jealous from Pakistan specially U. S and India And Israel. Pakistan only country in the world who achieved independence with great hardship and with sacrifices without the help of any other state of the world.M+6

As a Pakistani myself it's heartbreaking to admit we are terribly corrupt. Our people are hardworking yet we are judged by the ignoramuses that buy their way into education and our corrupt government that don't care about its own citizens.

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