Modi should lobby China, South Korea, and Japan into supporting the fight against Islamism


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Aug 14, 2016
China already has some Islamophobic activities, such as the suppression of Muslims' culture in the Chinese province of Xinjiang and generic support of "integration/assimilation" throughout China, but it's also one of the biggest supporters of Pakistan, a major donor for Islamist funding, and constantly has an anti-Tibet agenda.

Japan doesn't have many Muslims, albeit Muslims remain a major possible source for lower class immigrant workers that can partake in the country's DDD jobs. It was a major backer of neoconservative movements in the West that called for military invasions into Islamic countries, and it has vowed not to accept any refugees, and it also supports the right of Tibetans.

I think India should lobby China and Japan to adopt an Islamophobic stance politically. It should adopt a policy that no Muslims are allowed to immigrate into their countries and forcibly suppress their cultural traditions, and it should also support military interventions into Islamic countries.

I would also ask that Modi request political/lobby support and charitable donations for the aid of Non-Muslim religious organizations that help deal with social issues in India, such as misogyny, health problems, or homophobia.

I notice that nearly all East Asian countries, and many in Europe, are able to bankroll their nation's religious/cultural organization without too much trouble or controversy - it's the muslims that seem to make a fuss.

And on a side note, I think India should leave the UN, because Indians are vastly outnumbered racially at the UN, and since India doesn't really have any strong allies. We should aim to create an alternative organization that provides special "superpower" seats for India, China, and EU.

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