Modernisation of Indian Army Infantry


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Nov 1, 2016
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Seriously? Early 2000s😂
More like 1980s equipment.

Yeah, early 2000s for us. This is beyond any budgetary constraints. This is sheer neglect and an outdated concept of what a Jawan is on the part of our top brass.

I made up a categorization of infantry generations. Don't know if anyone else has done something similar.

1st gen: ww2 infantry, mostly bolt action rifles and SMG's.

2ng gen: self loading battle rifles or assault rifles, belt fed machine guns become common in squads. Camouflage starts becoming widespread. 1960s-70s.

3rd gen: introduction of BPJ's and Kevlar helmets. Happened in the 80s for the US, 90s for most other NATO countries.

4th Gen: Real game changer, with individual night vision gear, improved BPJ vests and helmets, improved communication systems, and modular rifles with picatinny rails with sights and IR illuminator as standard for all troops.

US infantry was already 4th gen in 2003, and most other modern militaries standardized their infantry to 4th gen by 2010.

In India's case, the vast majority of our infantry, around 80% in my estimate, remain at the 2nd gen. Not even 3rd gen. The percentage of troops that have modern protective gear, NVG goggles on helmet mounts, and modern rifles with good optics and IR illuminators for night fighting, I.e 4th gen, is not even 5%. Taking into account the current orders of BPJ's, NVG's and new helmets, we'll have 1.5 lakh 4th gen infantry AT MOST in the next 5-6 years.

Hell, even the paki infantry is now majority 3rd gen. If they had our budget they would have all entered 4th gen 10 years ago.
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