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Aug 12, 2019
F-21 vs F-16 block 70 version

Is F-21 similar to F-16?

On observation that the F-21 is similar to Lockheed's F-16 Block 70 combat jet, he said such a view is unfair as there have been significant differences between the two platforms. F-21 is different in terms of various aspects including its airframe, weapons capability, engine matrix and availability of engine options.

"As for example, you are now looking at 12,000 hours of service life airframe in F-21 versus 8,000 hours previously (F-16 Block 70). The additional 40 per cent weapons carrying capability is new in F-21 which was not there in F-16 Block 70. The electronic warfare system is uniquely developed for India," he added.

"Looking from a distance may make it look similar to F-16 Block 70, but it is different," he added. Besides having a traditional boom-delivered refuelling facility, the F-21 also has an extendable hose-and-drogue refuelling probe.

"This is the only fighter in the world which has both the capability," said Lall, adding the cockpit has a new large area display. "It is a modern cockpit and has a significant piece of ability to synthesise information. These are unique capabilities that we are not offering to other countries in the world," said the Lockheed executive.

The jet has a Long-Range Infrared Search and Track (IRST), enabling pilots to detect threats with precision and Triple Missile Launcher Adapters (TMLAs) allowing it to carry 40 per cent more air-to-air weapons.

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Jan 7, 2023
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ye MMRCA or MRFA ka drama sayad 2004 se chal raha hai,,, meri taraf se to ab ye kuch bhi le le. coz infront of chinese we r losing both quality nd quantity. atleast humare pass itne fighters to ho, jo chinese ko acha khasa loss pahucha sake. coz ek point ke baad nuclear bomb involve ho jayega, agr full scale war huwi to.

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