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A Concerned Indian
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Mar 30, 2009
Discovery Channel - Feature - Greatest Ever - Tanks :p

Tanks – they're heavy, unwieldy steel monsters, which can drive through buildings if necessary. This common view of battle tanks overlooks the fact that many soldiers develop what is almost a love affair with these remarkable vehicles. Today's tanks are anything but the proverbial bull in a china shop. They are crammed full of state-of-the-art technology and move quickly, safely and effectively across difficult terrain. This was not always the case, because in the past technologically unsophisticated vehicles could be a deathtrap. Nevertheless, the general rule applies that it is better to be inside a tank than in front of one. Our team of experts has identified the ten most interesting and famous tanks in history – is your favourite among them?

10. M4 Sherman Year 1942
Power 400 HP
Engine 9 cylinder radial
Weight 30.3 t
Top speed 34 km/h
Armament 7.5 cm M3 L/40
Rank 10th
9. Sheridan Tank M551 Year 1966
Power 255 HP
Engine GM, 6 cylinder
Weight 15.8 t
Top speed 70 km/h
Armament 152 mm cannon
Rank 9th
8. Panther Year 1943
Power 700 HP
Engine 12 V gasoline
Weight 45.5 t
Top speed 46 km/h
Armament 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70
Rank 8th
7. T-72 Year 1972
Power 840 HP
Engine 12 cylinder multifuel
Weight 44.5 t
Top speed 60 km/h
Armament 125 mm
Rank 7th
6. S Tank Year 1967
Power 791 HP (total)
Engines 1 Detroit diesel (6V-53T), 1 Caterpillar diesel gas turbine
Weight 42.5 t
Top speed 50 km/h
Armament 105mm cannon
Rank 6th
5. Centurion Year 1945
Power 650 HP
Engine Rolls-Royce Mk IVB 12 cyl.
Weight 51.8 t
Top speed 34 km/h
Armament 105mm cannon
Rank 5th
4. Merkava (MK3) Year 1990
Power 1,200 HP
Engine AVDS-1790-9ar diesel
Weight 61 t
Top speed 55 km/h
Armament 120 mm cannon
Rank 4th
3. T-34 Year 1942
Power 500 HP
Engine V 12 diesel Weight 30.9 t
Top speed 55 km/h
Armament 76.2 mm cannon F-34 (L/41.2)
Rank 3rd
2. M1 Abrams Year 1980
Power 1521 HP Engine Gas turbine
Weight 59.8 t
Top speed 67 km/h
Armament 105 mm cannon
Rank 2nd
1. Leopard 2 Year 1979
Power 2,200 HP
Engine MTU 12-cylinder diesel
Weight 55 t
Top speed 72 km/h
Armament 120 mm cannon
Rank 1st

Copyright : DCI


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May 20, 2009
the progressive and fashionable Costumes of Our African Brothers

I do feel that our African brothers have the gift of artists and can overshadow any fashion designer...

after watching those pictures ,I am sure that all fashion designers in Italy or Paris are all useless garbages ,if comared with our african brothers.

red underwear ?



On Vacation!
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Apr 5, 2009
badguy, you have a very poor taste. Is that how you want to roam around in China and date with a girl? :blum3:


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May 20, 2009
badguy, you have a very poor taste. Is that how you want to roam around in China and date with a girl? :blum3:
show you some anti-mainstream cyber-stars in china...:blum3:

this one is famous Ms. Lotus .Her "charmful" poses once suceeded in making 6 million chinese netizens sick at the same time.



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Aug 6, 2009
Country flag
The Hydrema 910 Humanitarian MCV Images

The MCV is capable of clearing a 3.5 m wide track on firm ground such as roads, runways and on other types of ground. The clearing is done when the rotating flail detonates the mines by milling and hitting the ground.

During the mine clearing process, the vehicle is driven by a hydrostatic system in the direction opposite to the normal driving direction. The clearing can be done using the joysticks or through the advanced computerized fully automatic pilot steering system. A deflector plate made of armoured steel is mounted behind the flail. It provides an extremely high protection against blast and fragments, and preventing objects from being thrown on the vehicle. From the beginning, when clearing automatically, the driver chooses a few parameters on the monitor like e.g. ground conditions - and consequently the depth control of flail and deflector plate is done automatically.

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