Mini-Spike Anti-Personnel Guided Weapon


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Jun 8, 2009
Mini-Spike Anti-Personnel Guided Weapon

At the exhibition held alongside the 3rd land warfare conference held at Latrun Sept 2, 2009 Israel's Directorate for Defense Research & Development (DDR&D) provided a glimpse into some of the new and exciting programs currently underway with participating industries. Among these were the mini-Spike missile system, the smallest member of Rafael's electro-optically guided missiles. Mini-Spike is the first implementation of an anti-personnel precision attack missile, designed for operation at the company and platoon level.

This man-portable missile system weighs about 12 kg, and comprises of a command and launch unit facilitating target acquisition and wireless control for the missile, weighing 4 kg and missiles stored in a canister-launcher, weighing 4 kg each. Typically a soldier will carry the CLU and two missiles with other members of the unit carrying spare missiles.

The Mini-Spike can be operated with its integral command launch unit or with existing Spike family launchers, utilizing the CLU, tripod and launcher assemblies. The missile can be fired at targets at ranges of 1,200 meters and can be set to approach the target in a low, medium or high angle of attack, enabling effective engagement of concealed targets. The CLU can be used stand-alone for observation and target acquisition. It features a number of useful operating modes, including video recording and playback. (below)

Rafael Unveils Mini-Spike Anti-Personnel Guided Weapon

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