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Feb 16, 2009
The DFI TEAM will soon start a new feature as per the user-friendly add ons that we announce from time to time,
the MEMBER OF THE MONTH is a new feature reserved only for non -star registered DFI members every month one member will be awarded the title of MEMBER OF THE MONTH and will be rewarded accordingly with medals and other incentives.
the medals given will be permanent and will be included in the user profiles and every post the said member makes this is just a way of acknowledging the efforts of the individual members.

i hope all the members will like this new feature and all details will be announced on this thread soon regarding the criteria and the means of choice.

All ideas and replies to this thread are welcome on the feedback section


Feb 19, 2009
it gives immense pleasure to the DFI staff to introduce its members to DFI member of the month starting tonight. with this we start a process that will happen every month, the intent behind as was told earlier is to enhance the quality of discussion and activity on the forum. we will each month provide you with 5 nominees but as the case may be, it will be the prerogative of DFI staff to increase or decrease the number of nominees.

criteria of selecting the nominees.

the contest is open for the DFI members and DFI star members

1 top 8 posters since the start of the forum/for the past one month
2 top 8 thread starters since the start of the forum/for the past one month.
3 top 8 most thanked members since the start of the forum/for the past one month

points will be awarded, with 8 points to the highest achiever in each section and 1 point for the last ranked member and then these will be compiled together and then we will get our nominees.

the stats for this month will be since the inception of the forum but henceforth it will be compiled on monthly basis.

we look forward to your suggestions on fine tuning this process so please be forth coming on the same, we on our side have a few more ideas which shall be implemented from next month onwards where the focus will be on quality as well a quantity.

incentives for the member of the month.

1 the tag offered will be member of “month” “year” - “name of the member”
2 member will be consulted by the staff members on important issues and will play a bigger role in running of the affairs of the forum for the period the member remains the mom
3 we will start a thread dedicated for our mom after the next mom takes over, where in his achievements and contributions to the forum will be highlighted
4 as we grow in time and numbers we will have “hall of fame” where in reference to the member of the month shall be made

two incentives under consideration, let us see how they will be implemented, but no commitments

5 member will have a different color scheme from the rest for a period of one month
6 member will be termed as a “DFI roaring tiger” for the specified month and will be in a category of his/her own just as we have DFI starts, DFI members, etc

process of conducting mom

1 the nominees presented will be open to poll through which the mom will be selected
2 voting option available – 1
3 the thread where the poll takes place, the nominated members will be able to make posts highlighting reasons as to why they should be polled in as DFI member of the month. you can contact other members on casting their vote in your favor by way of PMs.
4 poll will be open for 10days, starting from the 1st of the month till the 10th
5 the winning member will remain member of the month for 28/29/20/31 days depending on the number of days a month has and the tag will remain with the member from 10th of one month to the10th of next month.

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