Majority favour staying on in Afghanistan


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Feb 16, 2009
The support for Norway's military participation in Afghanistan is increasing among Norwegians, according to a new survey made for the newspaper VG by InFact on Monday evening. On Sunday evening it was reported that four Norwegian soldiers had been killed when their armoured vehicle was blown up by a roadside bomb in Northern Afghanistan.
Of those asked, 45 per cent are of the opinion that Norwegian troops should remain in Afghanistan as long as NATO is involved there, while 35 per cent believe Norwat shuld pull out. Two out of ten had no spesific opinion.
The poll also shows that three out of four believe that we in future will experience losses which are higher, or at least as high as we have seen up to now.
Norway has around 600 troops deployed in Afghanistan.

how much do you think the allies have a say in the final decision?

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