Maj. Gen. Tahir Masood - Pakistan sacrificed 780 Special forces in Zarb-e-azb

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Aug 24, 2016
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That’s what Pakistan did in its nearly two-year Operation Zarb-e-azb targeting al-Qaida and its offshoots in North Waziristan, at a tremendous sacrifice of some 780 special forces, according to Maj. Gen. Tahir Masood, commander of the Pakistani Special Services Group (SSG).

In that interminable operation conducted over 15,000 square miles of “nonpermissive” tribal area terrain, Masood’s SSG and supporting forces killed more than 3,400 terrorists, destroyed nearly 1,000 safe houses, raided another 16,600 suspected hideaways and netted a treasure trove of ammunition and explosives


Are we talking about 780 SSG in the last 2 years or does special forces include others? Is Pakistan forced to use SSG in roles of Infantry due to the challenges imposed by the terrorists ? If there are other "Special forces", what do they include ? This seems like an extremely high number of men to loose in 2 years...

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