Mahindra's Mine Resistant Armoured Defence Truck is Now Part of UN Peacekeeping Missions


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Oct 20, 2015
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In his recent tweet, Anand Mahindra lauded the Mahindra Defence sector for designing, producing and exporting the ‘Mine Resistant Ambush Protected’ Speciality Vehicle. The truck was supplied to the UN for peacekeeping operations around the world.

The vehicle is equipped with special arms that that roadside Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). It is a varied iteration of the Mahindra MPV-I, which is also a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Type Armored Personnel Carrier and a Specialist Off-road Vehicle.

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected’ Speciality Vehicles with Interrogation arms to lift road side IEDs. To be deployed in UN Peacekeeping Operations.

The MPV-i has a top and side protection of CEN Level B6, and blast protection up to Stanag Level 4A. In terms of ballistic protection, the vehicle can withstand a direct hit of a 7.62x51 mm ball, 5.56x45 mm, 7.62x39 mm ammunition from a distance of 10 metres at 90-degree angle of attack.

Speaking of mine blast protection, the vehicle can take on IED of at least 10kgs TNT from a distance of 5 metres and height of 1.5 metres from the ground.

The BAE Land Systems OMC conducted a landmine certification test on the Mahindra MPV-i and concluded that the vehicle structure provides adequate protection to the occupants of the vehicle against 14kg TNT explosives underneath the hull of the vehicle and 21kg TNT explosives underneath the rear wheel of the vehicle. All Sides was found to be able to withstand direct hit of 7.62x51 mm ball, 5.56x45 mm, 7.62x39 mm ammunition from a distance of 10 metres at 90-degree angle of attack.

The standard variant comes with features including Roof Hatch, Rear Seats, Intercom System, Gun Ports and Public Address System. There are optional features for the vehicle as well that comes in the form of Satellite Communication, Tactical Command & Control with Mapping, Tactical Radio, Surveillance / ECM /C&C , Configuration, Laser Range Finder (LRF), Rapid Deployment Broadband, Advance Light Packages, Multi-Purpose Pulse Doppler Radar, HF/VHF/UHF Radio, GPS and Navigation, Fire Suppression System and Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensors.

The vehicle is powered by a V6 engine with turbochargers and intercoolers that output 260bhp and 960Nm of torque. The vehicle has Multi-Leaf Spring with Shock Absorbers at the front and Bogue suspension at the rear.

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