Madrasas plan stir against Mamata Banerjee govt


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Sep 6, 2014
Days after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee refused financial assistance to madrasas, members of Unaided Madrasah Bachao Committee on Thursday said they were betrayed by the state government and announced a movement against its “false assurances”.

“Teachers of unaided madrasas had put up a hunger strike in July and again in September, demanding a respectable pay. In both cases, the government (in July, the principal secretary and in September, Cabinet minister Firhad Hakim) assured that it would come out with an order soon to sort out the problems,”said Abdul Wahab Mollah, secretary of the committee. He said from the next week, the committee would hold demonstrations and road blockades at different districts, and after 10 days, protests in Kolkata, and finally a hunger strike.

Academician Miratun Nahar, former IPS officer Nazrul Islam and state Congress minority cell’s chairman Khaled Ebadullah were also present at the press conference, which was called in response to the CM’s statement three days ago during a event organised by the Minority Department. Banerjee had said the government would give recognition to madrasas, but no financial assistance due to paucity of funds.

During the press conference, Nahar said the elected representatives of the state have not kept their promises. “They had assured that they would give recognition to 10,000 madrasas and now they claim that over 90 per cent of the work for minorities has been done. There are crores of rupees in terms of grants for Presidency University, but for madrasas where students from lower middle class families come to study, the government has no money. The government should issue a white paper regarding its expenses for the minority section,” he said.

Islam alleged a three-member district-level team visiting madrasas for inspection has demanded bribe. “It is the government of liars… Mamata has money to pay clubs, or spend crores on administrative meetings, but she doesn’t want to pay madrasa teachers. This shows how she only pretends to be the well-wisher of the Muslims by saying, ‘Khuda Hafiz’ and ‘Insha Allah’ unnecessarily in her speeches while addressing Muslims ,” he said. He also said that the Muslims had been fooled for long enough.

Ibadullah said if the CM had worked for the minorities as she claims, why was she so afraid. “Why cant she come up with a white paper explaining everything that had been done for the minorities?” Ibadullah said.

Abid Hossain, director of madrasa education, however, said there had been 1,433 applications for recognition received by the department, and so far 235 madrasas have been given recognition.

“While applying, the madrasa authorities themselves had given an affidavit saying that they wanted only recognition and not any aid. Thus, they got the status of unaided recognised madrasas. Now, if they want aid, we have asked them to wait till May 2016 when the tenure of this recognition ends. Then they could reapply for the aided recognised category,” Hossain said.

On allegations of inspection team demanding bribe, Hossain said: “It may be true. We are looking into the complaints and have started an investigation.”

In 2012, Banerjee had said that she would give recognition to 10,000 madrasas, but so far the department gave recognition to only 235 madrasas. Officials of the department said that there were around 2,000 madrasas in the state of which 1433 had applied for “unaided recognised” status.

“There are around 800 Khareji Darse Nizamia which means they are autonomous bodies and don’t need government aid. Around 750 are muktabs which are at a par with SSKs that get government aid from the Left era,” said Maulana Qazi Mirazul Islam, superintendent of Hizbul Quran Nabobiya Azizia Senior Madrasah at Hooghly.

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