Liu Xiaobo was wrong about China


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Sep 25, 2009
Liu Xiaobo had a simplistic message for China. Democracy is GREAT and China's current form of government is INFERIOR. Liu Xiaobo was wrong.

Russia made a sudden jump to democracy during the 1980s. Gorbachev's "glasnost and perestroika" were a massive failure and destroyed the Soviet/Russian economy. Millions of Russians became destitute and the social safety net disappeared.

Democracy has also been a massive failure in India. India has been practicing democracy for 70 years. However, factionalism and gridlock have paralyzed the Indian government. Today, China annually consumes five times more total energy than India per year (see BP "Statistical Review of World Energy 2017"). China is an economic and technological success. India has failed. It would be irrational for China to adopt India's failed democratic governmental model.

The real world has proven over and over again that democracy is unsuitable for DEVELOPING countries. In contrast, democracy is highly successful for DEVELOPED countries with an educated populace that understands how to properly function under a democratic form of government.

Liu Xiaobo's advocacy for a democratic China would lead to anarchy and a collapse of the Chinese economy. China is NOT READY for democracy until it becomes a DEVELOPED country. China won't become a developed country until about 2050. Democracy would be an appropriate form of government for mainland China in the future, but it is completely inappropriate now.

The final piece of proof that democracy is currently improper for mainland China can be found on Taiwan. The Taiwan Legislature is not a rational and functional arm of government. There is anarchy. Reference (UK Telegraph): "Taiwan lawmakers grab each other's throats and throw water bombs in parliament brawl."

I posted my comment on the Washington Post.



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Nov 1, 2016
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India does not care what kind of government China has. We don't poke our nose into other people's internal issues. Go and post this in some other forum where someone gives a damn.

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