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Jan 7, 2016
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Sprry no. @porky_kicker might know.

Old or uncornfirmed news. EPE doesn't exist, so I used the class designation of 110kN... My mark2 weight is from AI19 official placard... & apparently the weight reduction claim was never made by ADA or HAL.

I had those numbers verified.
In his simulation studies in Beta coefficient, Vivek Ahuja had written that any reduction in weight of Tejas from this level will give Tejas a major advantage against Pak F 16 in within visual range combat at all level. Weight reduction has a major advantage in close combat. Actually, the initial MK 2 design which was proposed to be half a meter longer has a weight of 6100 kg. That was a very impressive design in which 400 KG weight reduction with half a meter long fuselage and half a meter longer nosecone was planned. Weight reduction and aerodynamic Improvement hold the key for development of Tejas as a formidable flying platform.

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Jul 5, 2019
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No ok, elaborate a bit on this.

I've overlooked "throttle" how?
I included that... If enemy is between (read: to be intercepted between) 100-140km you want SFDR, no question. It'll have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more energy at its peak, than whatever Mark2's 2nd pulse can recover.

But before & beyond that range, ie 60-100km & 140-160km, there you want dual pulse. There its 2nd pulse can achieve more energy that the SFDR will possess at that range (which has now either not gained peak speed or have stated losing it after).

And at medium range, ie <60km, you want top user Astra-IR. Its passive guide will give off no warnings & at half its max.range the Astra Mark1 platform will have plenty of energy.

So 60-100km is best BVR kill range. Near equal effectiveness of both... Similarly between 160-200km, you're just wasting taxpayer money.
Kill guarantee is a big factor too.. The target is always costlier, you'll want SFDR is small numbers.

PS: Guys the above is a rough explanation. Plz don't chew my ass about details.
Whatever the range, an sfdr engine that can throttle up and down has an advantage as it can conserve fuel and cruise through its range and when it gets to its target it can still throttle up to its max thrust or as much as required. So, πŸ™„ yeah that's it...

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