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Apr 5, 2009
You must be wondering what is this technology. See the bolded part.

Officer probing graft charges against Pakistan PM committed suicide: Autopsy

Kamran Faisal, the deceased National Accountability Bureau (NAB) investigation officer, who was investigating the rental power plants (RPPs) scandal case, which involved Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, committed suicide and was not murdered, his final autopsy report has confirmed.

The report further noted that they found no traces whatsoever of drugs in his body that wee prescribed to him by neurologists.

The forensic report was prepared through a joint collaboration of the Islamabad polyclinic and Dr Abdul Mateen from the forensic department of Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC), the Express Tribune reports.

The report said that the injuries found on Faisal's body were there because of blood clots and not violence.

It further noted that the Faisal's fingerprints were found on the knots of the noose from which the officer hanged himself. :rofl: :rofl:

The medical report asserted that these injuries occurred because supply of oxygen was cut off and can occur on any part of the body, and did not provide evidence of murder or violence against Faisal.

Through the report, investigators have now also questioned the police proceedings on this case by criticizing police investigators for not acting earlier to determine as to who brought the dead body down nor for confirming Faisal's fingerprint earlier, the report said.

Faisal was the key investigator looking after all proceedings on the rental power case in the Supreme Court.

In this case the apex court was investigating corruption in the power and energy sectors and had directly implicated the incumbent Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, who is also a former minister water and power, the report added.
You must be wondering whether 'finger prints' can be detected on the ropes?. Yes, as per latest technology of forensic sciences in Pakistan.

But what is the truth about fingerprints on noose. Is it possible?.

Most fabrics are much too rough, uneven and discontinuous to hold recoverable fingerprints, in spite of what they do on CSI. Prints might be collected from such smooth and solid areas as leather or plastic, and buttons

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