Large Explosion at Natural Gas Facility Hood Cnty TX


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Mar 21, 2009
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JOHNSON COUNTY - A natural gas facility has exploded near Cleburne in Johnson County killing three, according to the Cleburne city manager.
At least 10 people are missing, he said.
A lot of people have been transported to hospital with burn injuries.
Massive flames and a huge plume of smoke can be seen in the area.
"About 2:40 p.m., we heard a loud explosion, rumbling, almost like a tornado. It shook our entire house. The plume of smoke that came out or steam is heading this way, the wind is blowing it right over our house. We are trying to work out whether it is something we need to evacuate or not," said Laura Harlin in Johnson County.
"We don't really smell anything at this point. It sounds like faraway thunder at this point," she added.
At 3:15 p.m., she said she could still hear the rumbling.
"There is a lot of onlooker traffic in the area," said Hood County resident, Franklin Daniel.
People living in nearby Pecan Plantation have been told they don't need to evacuate.
A gas company is working to turn off a gas line.
Dirt devils can be seen in the area.

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may be is this first kind of explosions?

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