Kalashnikovs for sale on the lawless north-west frontier


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Jun 16, 2009
Kalashnikovs for sale on the lawless north-west frontier
Thursday 30 July 2009

It's illegal to sell automatic Kalashnikov assault rifles, the Taliban's weapon of choice, in Pakistan. To get one, people have to head to Asia's largest gun markets – found in the lawless north-west province near the border with Afghanistan.

Although illegal to sell in Pakistan, automatic Kalashnikov assault rifles are widely available at Asia's largest gun markets, found in the lawless north-west province near the Afghan border. The region is a hotbed of both Islamic militancy and insurgents fighting government and NATO troops in neighbouring Afghanistan.

Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan’s restive north-west frontier, is where the Taliban comes to resupply its weapons stockpiles. And the Kalashnikov is the Taliban’s weapon of choice.

Since the fighting intensified between the Taliban and the Pakistani government back in April, automatic rifles have been in greater demand. Prices for the Russian-made guns – the most widespread weapon in the world – have risen five-fold over the past year, to close to 1,000 euros apiece.

The Pakistani army launched the April offensive to rout the Taliban from the northwestern districts of Buner, Lower Dir and Swat valley after the militants advanced dangerously close to the capital, Islamabad. Fears that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal could fall into Taliban hands led to international pressure on the government to put an end to the Taliban's influence in the country once and for all.

It is estimated that almost two million people were displaced in the fighting that followed.

The United Nations in May appealed for 543 million dollars to help the swelling numbers of internally displaced people. But UN figures indicate that less than 38 percent of this appeal has been received to date.

Pakistan says more than 1,800 militants and 166 members of its own security forces have been killed since the new fighting erupted in April.

France 24 | Kalashnikovs for sale on the lawless north-west frontier | France 24


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Mar 7, 2009
So, whats new my friend ??? We always knew this...

Maybe the French are discovering this just now, but we knew this for years... I'd watched a programme on NGC where they showed this...


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Mar 22, 2009
I think in NWFP where state administration of Pakistan has little control used to sell even Rocket Launchers and even some of the Local Tribal Leaders - Warlords did possess SAMs, but campaign was launched during Gen. Musharraf Era to eradicate illegal arms through media awareness and even I saw such a type of Ad in PTV myself long ago but that effort seems to be lost after region was run over by Talibans.


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