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Feb 20, 2019
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1. Why is an ex Indian general amplifying CCP propaganda?
2. Please ignore the likes of "Venkat Gandhi", there are hundreds or thousands like him, don't waste your brain cells on such CCP MOU walas
Venkat Gandhi is/was/will be an IAS/IPS babu. His/her nametag shows that he/she is reminding him(her)self everytime he/she uses SM that it's his/her duty to repeal Farm laws and enact MSP law. This kind of "Aparichit" behaviour is common to these kind of people.
Venkat Gandhi, Repeal farm laws & enact MSP laws!

Bhaskar Rao, the inspector general of police for internal security was also appointed the inspector general in charge of training. So, Rao as the Inspector General of Police, Internal Security Division has taken to writing a letter to himself (as IGP Training, Bhaskar Rao).

"I have to do my work and there has to be consistency in correspondence," Rao told the Deccan Chronicle. "There are times when I have to dictate a stern letter to myself because of the delay in response from myself from the other office."

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