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Hari Sud

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Mar 31, 2012
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KKR won the IPL championship again. Good news for them, their fans and their owners.

There is an additional point to consider and that if the same team keeps winning again and again then it discourages other teams from even trying. The winning title should be distributed to teams all around. Next time another capable team should win. No hard feelings for KKR. That keeps the general public and specific to team supporters in that area continuously interested.

This game is to keep public everywhere equally interested. They love their local team better than teams located far away. Hence when the title comes home then the locals celebrate it more.

It is for BCCI to come up with a solution to distribute title elsewhere.

This is something to think!

The Juggernaut

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Feb 24, 2018
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Ya'll Nibbiars Aarey Depot Wahi Bana finally.

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Khan-movie-market aur ubt ke kaaran
Akhirkaar 10000 crore delay cost, teen saal ki Deri aur teen saal se "kayi mumbaikar ke asuvidha aur Jaan ke khatre" ke baad taiyaar hai.

But good side UBT and NCP and Bwood have lost their influence. Bus Mumbai ka infrastructure development aur speed mein aaye, Aur beech samandar mein Maharaj Shivaji ka statue Bhi taiyaar ho jaye.
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