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Arjun Mk1A

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Mar 6, 2022
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Back in the day couples behaving like pigeons doing chumma chaati would be visited by some "moral police" who would apply the danda or the real police
A week later in TOI a randi rona article would come over freedom of land lahsun khatre me hai etc

Today randis dance in trains and make reels
whores and their aashiqs chumma chaati and fuck in metros and those are also made reels.
Bollywoodans like that whore Ekta have full apps dedicated to the production of soft-core porno shows

There is promotion of this degeneracy today

If Law enforcement does not apply then we will have every unga bunga behavior from retards. The day people danced like monkey in an local, RPF should filed an case banned retards from taking trains, make them pay fine and ask them to remove their social media profile.

But nothing happening and monkeys population increasing.

Same can be said to this Haryana, Punjabi Thar/Fortuner/Scorpio owning Influenza.

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