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Jul 4, 2020
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translation needed!!!
Reporter - What is your name?

Man- Deepak

R- You work here the whole day. Are you able to survive with the money you get?

( The other guy intervenes)

M- What are you asking

R- What is your masla (matter)?

M- I don't have masla, I have tasla (pan used by construction workers to carry cement, bricks etc.)

R- What will I do with the tasla?

M- Get me some work

R- Do I look like someone who is going to give you work?

M- Do we look like someone who has come here to give interview?

R- You are speaking in a very wrong tone

M- I am not a media person who will change his tone for some money

R- Because of this bad tone you have remained a labourer

M- So what? I am not begging from you to fill my stomach

R- You don't have any idea about the power of media. We are the 4th pillar of democracy

M- I have 13 years experience of breaking pillars


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May 21, 2016
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since He's getting married and before this pre-wedding celebration whatever he had launched a "Vantara" animal conservatory project in Jamnagar, let me tell you all guys something that perhaps you might not know

So, a neighbour brahmin family at my place here, doing Pujari and Jyotishya karya since more than five generations now; their youngest son is also working as Pujari in Jogani Maa Mandir run by Ambani Parivar in Jamnagar's Refinery; due to this he often comes in touch with Ambani Parivar time-to-time...when that guy came back here once he briefly told about their lifestyle which was mostly consisting of your typical rich-lavish stuffs you would often hear about them; but some things he told us...
> Anant bhai has genuine love for animals, like, he often gets street dogs and cows and other animals fed by his staffs, BUT HE ONCE EVEN GOT HIMSELF A PAALTU GADHA, YES A PET DONKEY, from somewhere and got it nurtured
> Anant bhai was gifted an expensive 8-karod worth italian car (he is not sure which one, i mean ferrarri or lamborghini, he did not know much about cars) by Adani's son on Anant's birthday, he drove it for maximum 8 to 10 minutes on their highway-tier inroads at refinery, parked it back and did not bother with it again

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