Joint Venture Protected Carbine Inducted Into CRPF


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Oct 20, 2015
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JVPC inducted into CRPF that also in huge numbers and also it is in service with Chattisgarh police. It is cleared in SPG trials and i hope it will be inducted in other armed services. The caliber 5.56 x 30 mm capable of penetrating bullet proof jackets it has range of 200 meters. It is finest weapon for close quarter combat.

Though i am dissappointed that Indian army did not buy this weapon. Instead gone for foreign carbines. JVPC has bright future for inducting weapons in other para-military forces. NSG commandos must induct JVPC into its armoury. It is good replacement for MP-5 sub machine gun. CRPF had placed order for 10,000 JVPC and it is good begining for JVPC.

CRPF will place more orders for JVPC in coming years. Police force will also orders for these weapon and it is best weapon and it is going to full production in OFB lines. CISF also procured this weapons. I have hope that orders will in lakh numbers.

Indian army should reconsider its decision and procure this weapon. In coming years JVPC will replace all sub machine guns in Indian armed forces. Very soon SPG commandos will order for this after clearing the trials in the set by the forces. So I request govt of India to focus on made in india weapons for its armed forces instead of foreign weapons and we must stop importing foreign weapons instead we should buy made in india and give necessary funds to private companies to produce weapons in better quality.

Above article is written by me on my own it is neither copied or pasted from other websites and articles..

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