JH7's engine can match French's M52-P2?


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May 20, 2009
very interesting article.

it says that the engine of JH7 can match french's M52-P2.

M52-P2 is the engine of M2000-5. it was finished by Frenchman in 1980s .

here is the tech indicaiton of M52-P2

Chinese Military Photos(new thread) - Page 33 - Military Photos
Chief Designer: China able to fix Flying Leopard's turbofan alone

Reports on China's intention to cooperate with aircraft engine makers in the UK and France to improve the performance of the turbofan of PLA fighter bomber JH-7, are denied by the chief designer of the aircraft, Chen Yijian, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. According to Chen, China has also already fixed problems with the JH-7 turbofan, Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Pao reported.

Also known as the Flying Leopard, JH-7 initially used the WS-9 Qinling turbofan, which were from turbofans produced by the Rolls-Royce Spey company in the UK. But after years of research, China has fixed problems with the turbofans of Flying Leopard on its own, according to Chen.

Chen went on to say that China's research on turbofans is still lagging behind compared with some other countries, especially the turbofans of large aircrafts. China has been calling for more research talents to help solve this problem. He said the third generation of China's fighter bombers, including the J-8 series, J-10 series and the Flying Leopard, have taken shape of a combatant power, and will appear in the Military Parade to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the nation.

According to Ta Kung Pao, China began research on the WS-15 Qinling-2 Turbofan in 1998. The Qinling-2 Turbofan is an improvement on the WS-9 turbofan, with increased pre-heating temperatures on the turbines and reduced weight for greater efficiency. Tests on the Qinling-2 Turbofan in October 2008 were successful. It is now technically competitive to the late M53-P2 engine from France.

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