Japan to modernize Indian Railways, Invest 140 billion

Feb 16, 2009
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Japan has agreed to invest $140 billion over the next five years to modernize railway stations across the country.

Under this railway station development plan, Indian Railways has identified 400 railway stations across India which will be upgraded with the help of Japan investment. They have also agreed to provide their expertise in solving problems of sanitation including the development of waterless, odourless toilets in trains and at stations.

A Japanese delegation will soon be visiting India to study the opportunities for industries in the railway station development plan of railways.

Railway minister Suresh Prabhu, is in visit to Japan to strengthen cooperation in rail sector, held a series of meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, deputy Prime Minister and finance minister Taro Aso among other ministers and senior officials.

Japan has agreed to assist the public transporter in achieving its zero-accident mission.

Railways research wing – Research Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO), will sign an MoU with Railway Technical Research Institute of Japan to carry out research work on acquiring modern technology for the public transporter, as per the finalization of the action plan as reported by Times Of India.

Hari Sud

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Mar 31, 2012
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First, India assumed China will help in railway modernization but they did not help. Now we are expecting Japan will help, but highly unlikely. The Japs have put domestic roadblocks in Indo-US nuclear deal (high technology equipment exports). Also they have not responded positively in naval planes and submarine exports. I very much doubt that Japanese will respond favourably for Railway Minister's request for help in modernization.

India needs, is money for modernization of railway infrastructure. Money is in short supply. Railway fares which generate cash are too low. And also ticketless travellers are way too many. All these impede reinvestment of cash back into railways. There is no other source of cash other than asking cash rich countries to lend some, but none is forthcoming.

That is Modi's biggest problem.

It would appear PM Modi is concentrating on domestic agenda, getting the parliamentary nod for putting to rest a few of Nehru era socialism and policies. He has succeeded in some. Others he is having a major opposition parties blowback, which is much less on modernization but more on him getting elected. They wished the dynastic rule to continue. People in India love Modi ideas, but to break the opposition parties hold on upper chamber of the parliament is not proving easy. Hence India GDP growth will stay stuck 7-8%.

Foreign cash rich countries are watching all these and are not obliging with cash. Unless socialism is firmly put in grave, Railways will have to stay in a state, overdue for modernization but unable to proceed.


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Jul 6, 2015
I prefer Japanese investment in developing the Western High-Speed Freight Corridor and the Eastern Transport Corridor with Indian railways. Japanese technology is modern & advanced than Chinese, though slightly expensive. They are more experienced & the pioneers of high-speed Railways. I SAY GIVE JAPAN THE TRUST & RESPONSIBILITY TO ASSIST INDIA IN INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT. They are reliable & more experienced & trustworthy than the Chinese.

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