J&K: Moles caught playing 'double game', 8 arrested


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Mar 28, 2013
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J&K: Moles caught playing 'double game', 8 arrested

Strongly suspecting that moles of security agencies are double-crossing them and helping militants, the Jammu and Kashmir police has launched a crackdown on intelligence sources and arrested eight such "assets" in recent weeks.
The action was forced by several militant attacks being linked to such moles, who enjoyed the patronage of top security officials, sources said.

The eight include a "top asset" who had been detained several times but released after intervention from top levels in the state police, they said. Even though he had been arrested in the latest crackdown as well, top brass of the police are believed to have got him released again.

These high level "intelligence assets" are believed to have a role in a series of attacks including the June 24 attack on the Army in Hyderpora — in which eight soldiers were killed — and the recent killings of policemen in south Kashmir.

The first alarm bells rang after the March 13 attack on a CRPF camp in Srinagar in which five CRPF men were killed, breaking a three-year lull. The two attackers were also shot dead and police apparently found a defunct mobile phone SIM card in the trouser of one of them.

The card and other clues led investigators to a man in Uri whose village is close to the Line of Control and who had worked as a mole for security agencies.

Police said the man, 41-year-old Bashir Ahmad Khan, had brought the militants to Srinagar and arrested him. He is believed to have claimed that he worked for an intelligence agency in 1988-89 and had been sent across the border to collect information about the militants. He also claimed he had briefly worked for militant groups before being arrested in August 1993. He was released in 1996 and moved to Srinagar and started a business and lived with his brother who worked in the health department.

Khan was arrested again in 2001 by the Special Operations Group of J&K Police. This time, the Army officer who had arrested him previously is believed to have got him freed.

Earlier this year, Khan brought three Pakistani militants from the Line of Control in Uri after he received a call from a guide on the other side. He helped them reach Srinagar and plan the attack on the CRPF camp, police allege.

While two militants were killed in the attack, the third was arrested from Khan's brother's house in Srinagar. Police also arrested a man named Pradeep Singh of Baramulla, who too worked for the health department, alleging he had given shelter to the three militants in his Tangmarg house for a night before they reached Srinagar.

The second, much more serious case came when J&K Police arrested a top commander of Lashkar-e-Toiba in north Kashmir, identified as Qari Naveed alias Fahdullah of Multan in Pakistan.

Fahdullah, source said, told his interrogators that a man deemed to be a "top asset" of security agencies in Kashmir received Lashkar's new groups entering the state. This man, they said, had provided information that led to the recovery of a large cache of weapons in north Kashmir last year.

Although police had begun to suspect him, top officers for whom he was working had prevented his arrest, the sources claimed.
J&K: Moles caught playing ‘double game’, 8 arrested - Indian Express


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Jul 28, 2011
This is bullshit how can you expect an informer to keep you getting your target without gaining the confidence of your enemy ,he too need to play safe other wise one morning his head would be hung next to a tree ............This is how intelligence network work ,you have to kill some of your men to lure bigger target ,some time it goes too far some time's not .....I have an idea about how things work there in Kashmir as i know people who have worked there in intelligence .Its a dirty world from an eye of civilians but things are too complex then what it looks from above ......

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