Israel to build barrier along Egypt frontier


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Mar 21, 2009
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Israel to build barrier along Egypt frontier

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved plans on Sunday to erect a barrier along part of Israel's border with Egypt and install advanced surveillance equipment to keep out illegal migrants and militants. Skip related content
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Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem Enlarge photo

"I took the decision to close Israel's southern border to infiltrators and terrorists. This is a strategic decision to secure Israel's Jewish and democratic character," Netanyahu said in a statement.

Thousands of African and other migrants have come to Israel through its porous border with Egypt over the last few years, fleeing conflict back home or searching for a better life in the Jewish state.

Netanyahu said Israel would continue to accept refugees from conflict zones but "we cannot let tens of thousands of illegal workers infiltrate into Israel through the southern border and inundate our country with illegal aliens."

The project will cost 1 billion shekels ($270 million) and will take two years to complete. The barrier will not be erected along the whole border, which is 266 km (166 miles) long.

Advanced surveillance equipment will help border control officers to spot infiltrators.

Egyptian police have stepped up efforts in recent months to control the frontier with Israel following an increase in human trafficking through Egypt. At least 17 migrants have been killed by Egyptian police since May.

Israel is also building a controversial barrier in and around the occupied West Bank. It says the razor-tipped fences and towering concrete walls are needed to stop suicide bombers from infiltrating its cities. Palestinians call it a land grab.

It has so far built about half of the planned 670 km (400 mile)-long barrier.

A concrete barrier separates Israel from the Gaza Strip in the south and a network of razor-tipped and electronic fences stretches along its borders with Lebanon and Syria in the north.

Egypt is building an underground wall along its border with the Gaza Strip to stem Palestinian arms smuggling through tunnels.
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Israel to build barrier along Egyptian frontier  - Yahoo! News UK

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