Irkut Corporation Awarded for SU-30MKI Program


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Feb 10, 2009
Irkut Corporation Awarded for SU-30MKI Program

Irkut Corporation has received an award for being the Indian company offering the best military-technical cooperation with foreign countries in combat aviation.

The award was presented at the AERO INDIA 2009 international air show and exhibition by FORCE magazine. Irkut Corporation is the prime contractor and coordinator of the Su-30 program.

Mikhail Pogosyan, CEO of JSC Sukhoi Company, accepted the award on behalf of the Sukhoi Design Bureau for the Su-30MKI design and development.

FORCE also recognized the personal contribution of Alexey Fedorov, President of JSC United Aircraft Corporation, to Indo-Russian military-technical cooperation within the Su-30MKI project.

The awards were presented by Prawin Sawhney, editor-in-chief of FORCE magazine, which specializes in covering national security and defense issues.

According to a study conducted by FORCE, the Su-30MKI program is the most successful in the history of India’s military-technical cooperation with foreign countries, having jointly developed an aircraft now considered one of the top multi-role fighters in the world. The research emphasized that the Su-30MKI has become the first serially produced combat aircraft in the world to feature super-maneuverability conferred by the ultimate aerodynamic layout and TVC engines. Particular attention was paid to its onboard avionics suite with ESA radar being the first fitted onto exported fighter aircraft.

FORCE magazine emphasized that the Su-30MKI is the first combat aircraft developed outside India in accordance with strict IAF requirements and produced in cooperation with Indian industry.
Irkut Corporation delivered to India over 100 aircraft and technological kits for production by Hindustan Aeronautics ltd.

Since 2007, the Su-30MKI phases I and II have been upgraded to their final technical configuration. Moreover, in 2007 contracts were signed to supply the IAF with 18 Su-30MKI aircraft in lieu of earlier Su-30K and to deliver an additional order of 40 Su-30MKI.

Source:Irkut Corporation Awarded for SU-30MKI Program | India Defence

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