Iran disbanding Jundullah, amnesties 110 terrorists


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Mar 21, 2009
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Iran disbanding Jundullah, amnesties 110 terrorists

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran has amnestied 110 "terrorists" since it captured the leader of a Sunni insurgency in southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan province in February, the official IRNA news agency reported on Saturday.
Provincial governor Ali Mohammad Azad said 300 militants had "expressed regret" for their actions since Abdolmalek Rigi's arrest.
"Several of them are members of Rigi's group and have asked for amnesty to return to the embrace of the nation," Azad said.
"So far, letters of amnesty have been issued to 110 of these terrorists and a number of them are handing over their weapons and completing legal procedures," he added.
Rigi, who Iran says received support from US, British and Pakistan intelligence services, was arrested by Iranian agents on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan.
His Sunni rebel group, Jundallah (Soldiers of God), has been waging a brutal insurgency against Shiite Iran for nearly a decade.

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