Interview with Lt Gen KJ Singh: Western Command plans for overwhelming force to achieve decisive vic


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Jan 7, 2016
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General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, Lt Gen KJ Singh, speaks to The Indian Express and gives an insight into the new strategies worked out by the Command to take on its traditional adversary on the western borders, as well as the counter terrorism measures to control infiltration. How has the operational doctrine of Western Command evolved in the past two years with respect to Pakistan? The very concept of ‘decisive victory’ appears to be giving way to ‘stalemates’ as seen in Iraq and Chechanya. The possible way forward is to apply overwhelming forces targeting common centre of gravity. In our context it translates to application of Strike Corps. These Strike Corps, which are fixed in the Order of Battle (ORBAT) i.e. one per command on western front, were also getting fixed in their application. We have practised using two Strike Corps in the same theatre to cause psychological dislocation. Unlike the desert, here you do not need to go in deep as the objectives are shallow and sensitive. If you apply sufficient force you can get decisive victory. We have wargamed it and also practised on ground.

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