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Oct 8, 2009
1,388 take on Saudi-Israel-Iran relations

Last Saturday, I wrote that two parties have been provoked by the intense Saudi Arabian political presence and activity at the international level, especially after the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz participated in the G20 summit in Canada, and following this visited Washington where he received a warm welcome from US President Barack Obama. These parties are of course Iran and Israel. While on Sunday, the Iranians revealed the existence of a secret battle taking place in the corridors of Washington to break down the Saudi Arabian arms deal [with the US], and particularly Saudi Arabia's attempt to buy F15 jets, [military] equipment, and other devices. Of course this is not something new, nor is it of particular concern to the Saudis; for there is a long history of this unseen conflict that is taking place in the corridors of Washington between the Saudis and Israelis, and Tel Aviv has not been able to prevent Riyadh getting its hands on what it wants. The most prominent example of this was the sale of AWACS [Airborne Warning and Control System] surveillance planes [to Saudi Arabia], as well as other such deals.

However what is strange in Israel's opposition to this military aircraft deal is their claim that Saudi Arabia could use these aircraft against them in the future. Tel Aviv wants to maintain its military advantage in the region, at the expense of everybody else, and there are those who say that this entire issue is just a new Israeli extortion of Washington, which would not be unlikely. However the response in Washington to the Israeli argument must be in kind and that is by asking: how long will this protection of Israel in the region last for?

For instead of Israel seeking to increase arming in the region, and therefore increasing tensions, it would be much safer for it to side with peace and respond to all the attempts that are being made to conclude the Palestinian – Israeli peace process, and the Syrian – Israeli peace process, and therefore [achieving] Arab – Israeli peace, putting an end to the conflict in the region. This would mean that justice is carried out, while Israel is also protected, rather than Israel continuing to be pampered with arms and money, and being exempt from observing international laws.

If Israel wants to protect itself then peace is the best protection; for peace is more effective than all the weapons and [military] aircraft. This is because Israel is surrounded by Arabs, and it cannot guarantee its own security and safety through the military support provided to it by the US, or even ensure its own military superiority [through this]; for arms are not a protection from hatred, nor are they capable of establishing security by themselves, however peace can achieve all of this and without one shot being fired!

This is the message that must be communicated to the Americans, and American society, especially as there are voices being raised there – however hesitantly – asking: why should the American citizens foot the bill for Israeli security and prosperity? This is something that those monitoring the reaction to some journalistic articles in the US media will have noticed.

When we say that Iran and Israel are provoked by the Saudi Arabian [political] activity, the reason is simple; Israel is using Iran as a pretext to avoid peace, and Iran is using Israel as a pretext in its expansion and interference in the affairs of our states and region, and therefore the entire security of the region is under threat. Meanwhile the rational, like Saudi Arabia, are trying to protect the region from the evil of any new disasters. Therefore, both Iran and Israel are being provoked by the Saudi Arabian [political] activity, and as a result of this we find Iran defaming Saudi Arabia in the Arab world, while Israel is seeking to defame Saudi Arabia in both the US and Europe.

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