Indo-Russia Joint Aviation centre opens in Goa


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Feb 16, 2009
Rosoboronservice India Ltd. (ROS(I), a joint venture between Rosoboronexport of Russia and India's Krasny Marine Services, has launched the first Aviation Division in Goa for Kamovs, Tupolevs and Ilyushin aircraft in the Indian navy inventory.

The $25 million center is expected to drastically reduce the turnaround time for aircraft that head to Russia for repairs and have often had to crimp operations as a result.

Until recently, the military — captive users of Russian equipment — have had to send aircraft equipment and engines to Russia for servicing, causing delays and operational gaps. Transportation of the equipment has added costs too.

Russian spares have also known to be poorly tabulated. Now, a warehouse stocked with spares has made the system more efficient, according to V.G. Jayaprakashan, managing director of ROS(I).

With 17 staff including engineers, the center has a large number of diagnostics. The Russian-produced Sea Dragon System, operational on the Indian navy Il-38 — used for anti-submarine warfare, with electro-optical sensors, electronically scanned radar and electronic support measures — will arrive later this year, Jayaprakashan says.

While the Indian navy has ordered eight Boeing P8-I aircraft to replace its aging fleet of eight Tupolev Tu-42s, as well as the remaining two IL-38 aircraft, the earliest delivery will be in 2013.

The aviation center will prove to be a big benefit as the navy can have maintenance on hand, one naval officer says.

Since its creation five years ago, ROS(I) has been a primary service provider to the Indian navy. The company provides services and spares for Russian-designed surface ships, submarines, missile systems and aircraft for the Indian navy, including the Kamov Ka-31 and Ilyushin Il-38.

Its services include supply of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spares, assemblies and replacement equipment, repairs per OEM specifications, maintenance and testing of equipment, and training.

Jayaprakashan said that in order to overcome bottlenecks in the procurement of spares, at the urging of Russia the Indian government has given proprietary article certificates (PAC) to Rosoboronservice for the products of its founding members like the Baltitsky Zavod yard, Kamov and Ilyushin.

The Russian decree that permits Rosoboronservice India to be the sole provider will go a long way toward alleviating delays. "Procedures have been streamlined and simplified and the navy has already noticed the difference," Jayaprakashan says.


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Mar 21, 2009
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Good news,
so that these planes can work for a long time then expected..........

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