Indo-Pakistan relations shattered : Hafiz Saeed

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Feb 16, 2014
Hafiz Saeed says Modi's victory shattered Indo-Pak friendship; bans export of terrorists to India

Reacting sharply to Modi's victory in Indian Lok Sabha elections, eminent Pakistani leader Hafiz Saeed has said that the rise of communal forces in India has shattered Indo-Pak friendship.
To protest this unpleasant development, Saeed has announced that his organization will stop export of quality terrorists to India.
"You can't always expect us to be so big hearted. If India wants us to continue the export of highly skilled manpower, they need to create friendly environment. With people like Modi in power, the conditions are turning very hostile for us to carry on our selfless service," said Hafiz Saeed sending out strong signal to the newly elected party across the border.

Saeed also said that, the kind of anti-Pakistan rhetoric BJP leaders had resorted to throughout the election campaign has hugely upset his boys.
"Earlier boys used to feel at home in India, but now it seems they are not welcome. Now I'm afraid that I'd have to start new motivational classes for them," Hafiz Saeed revealed.
"But for the time being, no friendly terrorist services to India,"he added.
Hafiz Saeed's open threat has sent shock waves across India, especially in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Many separatist leaders have expressed their concerns about its impact on J&K tourism.
"I will urge Hafiz Ji to reconsider his decision, as a lot of people here in Kashmir who are dependent on them for their livelihood," said separatist leader Shabir Geelani making an emotional appeal to Hafiz Saeed.
A section of intelligentsia in India too is unhappy with the proceedings. They have called it first attack on India's secular image because of Modi's rise.
"Earlier they used to infiltrate and we used to condemn, and now they are condemning while people like Giriraj Singh are asking us to infiltrate. India is the new Pakistan!" a self proclaimed intellectual concluded.
Meanwhile, Pak PM Nawaz Sharif has asked Modi not to worry about Hafiz's ban on supply of terrorists.
"I am inviting Modi Ji to Pakistan, and promise that I will send Pak army soldiers as a compensation for Hafiz's men unwillingness to go to India," said Nawaz Sharif while inviting Modi to Pakistan.

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